Business insight

Big data technology

M-Brain’s technological IPR, the core engine and the advanced visual solutions are the result of in-house R&D, which specializes in BI-relevant purification, enhancement, clustering and semantic enrichment of online data.

Human intelligence

Our 450 analysts worldwide add intelligence and value to our clients by understanding their business and providing insight in over 70 languages.

Global resources

M-Brain is a global information services company with offices in 12 countries and a partner network spanning the globe.

Scalable solutions

We tailor our solutions based on our clients’ needs from local to global enterprises and governmental institutions.

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Market research in the Middle East – thoughts of a research analyst


Most companies I know have given up on systematic market analysis in the Middle East. Even at best, the scope of research is not as deep as it usually is in other markets. In the absence of sufficient or reliable […]

Q1 media coverage analysis – less of spotlight for Nokia, good performances from Finnair and Neste


The results of the most recent M-Index, comparing the media coverage of 15 major Finnish stocklisted companies, revealed a shrinking difference between the volume of coverage of Nokia, and that of the rest of the benchmark companies. For the first […]

Are my press releases a waste of time or effective communication?


Click – there it goes! The press release has gone out to the world with the click of a button. It is now soaring ahead into the depths of the internet and into the e-mails of journalists, bloggers, and other […]

Why studying the behavior of sheep matters to market intelligence


As I am responsible for market intelligence in a dairy firm, you cannot blame me for taking animals seriously. Although sheep’s milk cheese to our firm is a minor line of business, I could not resist reading a recent study […]

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