Monitoring as a Service or as Software

Monitor your reputation, competitors, customers, market disruption and legal & regulatory issues.

See how we monitor social media, competitors, trends in 100 markets
See commentaries on trends that are most important to your work

Customized External Business Intelligence

Get external business intelligence customized to your needs.

See some of our clients and the international best practices we use
See some of our work in dozens of industry sectors

Strategic Analysis & Advisory

Get strategic advice on market attractiveness, competitive landscape, customers.

See our best practices from years of building global benchmarks
See cases where our advisory work saved clients millions of Euros

Business insight

Big data technology

M-Brain’s technological IPR, the core engine and the advanced visual solutions are the result of in-house R&D, which specializes in BI-relevant purification, enhancement, clustering and semantic enrichment of online data.

Human intelligence

Our 450 analysts worldwide add intelligence and value to our clients by understanding their business and providing insight in over 70 languages.

Global resources

M-Brain is a global information services company with offices in 12 countries and a partner network spanning the globe.

Scalable solutions

We tailor our solutions based on our clients’ needs from local to global enterprises and governmental institutions.

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Latest blog posts

How to create action and traction with top management on market intelligence and strategic analysis – a practitioner’s view


Anyone in strategy or market intelligence probably recognizes this phenomena: You have crunched all the numbers you could reasonably find to do your analysis for your project assignment. You have made your slides even more persuasive than usual including new […]

2015 Market Intelligence Survey Report


M-Brain is delighted to announce the release of its eagerly-awaited 2015 Market Intelligence Survey Report.

Nose Day achieves positive change in Finland


Every year, the Nose Day Foundation organizes the Nose Day campaign in Finland to raise money for nine charities helping children in developing countries. During the four-week campaign, everyone is encouraged to take part by doing something funny for money. […]

Peter Palchinsky’s 3 Principles To Improve Anything – Including Marketing


Tim Harford’s book Adapt is about using trial, error and feedback to tackle problems, which are too complex for experts to solve by planning. The theory revolves around Peter Palchinsky’s three industrial design principles:

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MI Survey 2015 White Paper is out!

The 2015 Global Market Intelligence Survey is out now! The survey presents the latest state of market intelligence in global organizations. Download white paper from this link at and stay ahead of the curve.