Business insight

Big data technology

M-Brain’s technological IPR, the core engine and the advanced visual solutions are the result of in-house R&D, which specializes in BI-relevant purification, enhancement, clustering and semantic enrichment of online data.

Human intelligence

Our 450 analysts worldwide add intelligence and value to our clients by understanding their business and providing insight in over 70 languages.

Global resources

M-Brain is a global information services company with offices in 12 countries and a partner network spanning the globe.

Scalable solutions

We tailor our solutions based on our clients’ needs from local to global enterprises and governmental institutions.

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The biggest hurdles when putting Market Intelligence into action


The holiday season offers a good time to think. At the end of this year I reflected on what I see as the most complicated task in market intelligence.

Armed and ready? – Singapore’s challenges in maintaining cyber security


Cyber security crimes in Singapore are estimated to be over $1 billion annually, according to various reports. This includes theft of confidential business information. Cyber criminals hacked company networks, banks and finance ministries to acquire insider information for the purposes […]

Forest companies led the way in favourable media coverage in Q4


The last quarter of the year that we just waved goodbye to revealed a positive trend in terms of the media coverage of major Finnish stock-listed companies. We have come to expect positive performances from KONE, and in 2014 also […]

Notes of Media Transformation – Hot Topics from the Year 2015


There’s never a dull season, when you are looking at the changes in the media industry. If nothing else, there’s the good old Apple shaking the industry in one way or another. This was true also in 2015. Let’s take […]

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