Business insight

Big data technology

M-Brain’s technological IPR, the core engine and the advanced visual solutions are the result of in-house R&D, which specializes in BI-relevant purification, enhancement, clustering and semantic enrichment of online data.

Human intelligence

Our 450 analysts worldwide add intelligence and value to our clients by understanding their business and providing insight in over 70 languages.

Global resources

M-Brain is a global information services company with offices in 12 countries and a partner network spanning the globe.

Scalable solutions

We tailor our solutions based on our clients’ needs from local to global enterprises and governmental institutions.

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Wisdom from Fortune 500 Intelligence Leadership: Simplify with Scenario Planning Lite


As part of its ongoing Market Intelligence Benchmarking Circle offering, M-Brain recently facilitated an event with the senior market and competitive intelligence leadership of 12 Fortune 500 corporations. While many of these executives strongly support scenario planning as the most […]

A story of empowerment – impressions from M-Brain’s Conference in London


The city of London is one of the global leaders in terms of culture, history, the arts, and has been at the forefront of modern global development. It is a city that holds substantial power and the importance of power […]

Q2 media analysis – Brexit will affect the forest industry


High-fliers were hard to come by in the second quarter of 2016, as large Finnish companies struggled to attain favourable media coverage. The results of the most recent M-Index, comparing the media coverage of 15 major Finnish stocklisted companies, revealed […]

6 trends in PR monitoring


What are the current trends in PR monitoring? Tobias Hedström offers his expertise on the subject.

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