Equip your enterprise with the most powerful AI tools in the business.

Start analyzing trends to concentrate on the future, not the past. Guide your team to measurable business growth with AI-based trend foresight tools that help share the most reliable, accurate, and timely market insights.

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Research the way you speak with AI.

105 hours of reading in just 30 minutes.

Reports your team actually appreciates.

Save time and effort. Ask an AI-based trend and foresight tool conversational queries to research complex topics – elegantly presented to you in dashboards that support your key strategies.

Learn actionable insights your team appreciates with AI-generated summaries and visuals. See into the future by tracking sentiment, search volumes, regional trends, and so much more – from sources in 100+ languages. 

Boost efficiency on all levels of your organization with sanitized, accurate, and easily reportable business data curated by the most powerful AI available in the Competitive and Market Intelligence field.


Research ad-hoc or over time on your terms.

Complex queries in simple language. 

Use conversational language for complex searches. AI Search understands you and creates search queries for results you’ll actually use. Even better, you can save these searches for continuous monitoring of specific trends, competitors, or topics. Then – come back to timely, relevant results to get the information quickly and confidently you need for strategic decision-making.

See into the future with easy-to-analyze visualizations.

Analyze and share your discoveries throughout your organization with trend foresight tools and visualizations. Gain a bird’s eye view of global developments and trends. Every graph can be downloaded at the click of a button for quick reporting or sharing. 

Research in over 100 languages you can't even speak.

Trained for over 20 years on 200k business sources, our AI is the only AI in the field that uses Natural Language Processing to accurately summarize everything. This allows you to analyze mountains of data quickly – and spin them into golden nuggets in reports for your team. 

Way beyond simple summaries.

Our AI has been taught over 20 years by over 200k human-written business summaries. There’s something for everyone on your team. Not getting the information you want? A team of expert consultants is always available to help you make the most of your data. Focus on what matters with customized intelligence for your industry — on your terms.

Trend foresight tools that are pretty close to a crystal ball.  

Enable data-driven decision-making. Intelligence Plaza allows you to have a clear view of what’s coming. It’s hard to tell the future, but saved searches, AI trends, and simple, data-driven visualizations can help.

Some reasons our customers choose us

“Without M-Brain, we would be blind. I can’t even imagine how much time we would take to follow the different markets.”

"The Research App is an extremely useful addition for processing ad-hoc research requests very quickly and with highly relevant results. We like it very much. It's a professional intelligence tool for gaining new insights and trends.​"

“We really needed a convenient place for information to make sure it was getting to the right people. M-Brain has made this all accessible and immediately available. ”

Michael Münch ​

Market Intelligence Adhesive Technologies

Tiia Siviö


Sian Edwards

Group Insights Manager

Finally, an all-in-one Competitive and Market Intelligence solution.

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