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For over 10 years, M-Brain's roundtable and benchmarking circles have been bringing non-competing companies together for powerful & mutual knowledge exchange.​

Join professionals from other leading, non-competing organisations to share experiences and ideas on the most valuable and important topics facing your industry.

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M-Brain's benchmarking circles are the world's leading network for intelligence and strategy professionals seeking to develop and grow.

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10+ Years as the Leading Global MI Benchmarking Circles

Even throughout the pandemic, our circles have brought members together virtually to develop through intelligence challenges.

Circles Network Spanning 16 Countries

Our global network of benchmarking circles includes members from 16 countries and in scores of industries.

Designed for our members, by our members

Each meeting explores one or more valuable intelligence topics, introduced by the host.  The sessions are designed to support thought-provoking discussions and deliver best-practice learnings in a powerful and enjoyable way. 


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Benchmark and Develop Your Own Intelligence Program

In addition to the networking and development opportunities, circle members gain access to powerful and market-proven best practices that can be utilised to accelerate the impact and effectiveness of your own intelligence program. You will also be able to benchmark your intelligence program based on a standardized criteria of key indicators giving you insights on the positioning of your company vis-à-vis other companies.

Recent topics

Hosted by Ghoshiya Khatoon

Senior Consultant at M-Brain

Hosted by Joost Drieman

VP Intelligence Best Practices

Hosted by Rana Muhanna

Head of Advisory at M-Brain

Hosted by Irene De Lorenzis

VP, Client Services at M-Brain

Some of Our Members

Darina Koning-Admiraal

Sr Manager Strategy Deployment

Office Depot Europe

The round table from M-Brain is a great concept and seen as additional value to the Market Intelligence department at Office Depot Europe.

It provides a very good mix of the ability to network, learn about new tools or methodologies and fun.”

Richard Moyes

Market Intelligence & Development Manager

Prysmian UK

“M-Brain’s benchmarking circle has proven to be an extremely thought provoking series of discussions. The benchmarking circle allow us all to learn from Industry experts, share best practice and create an intelligence community. Thanks to the benchmarking circle we have managed to implement a number of new ideas to better serve our organisation with market intelligence.”

Silvia De Bortoli

Head of Marketing & Communication

D. B. Group

“M-Brain Benchmarking Circles give us the chance to share ideas and tools with Marketing Intelligence professionals around the world, discovering how to create added value on our projects.”

Diana Mitkov, MBA

Senior Insights & Analytics Manager

De Beers

“M-Brain’s Benchmarking circle is a great forum for learning, sharing and networking.  It provides a friendly, relaxed environment for testing and advancing your intelligence and insight practices.  I always welcome the practical advice, clear solutions and check lists of best practice and look to apply them in my everyday work.  It is also an excellent opportunity for new intelligence and insight colleagues to fast-forward their learning and experience.”

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