Bold, Brave and Beyond Borders

Leading Market and Competitve Intelligence Conference.

Be bold! Be brave! Venture beyond borders! This is the message we want to pass on in our intelligence conference which will take place in the beautiful city of Amsterdam during the first three days of June. Take the opportunity to catch up on the changes and expansion of the market and competitive intelligence function!


The world has never been more dynamic

We are confronted by geo-political deviations, sustainability issues, a fragile economy, increase of consumer connectivity and mobility. The world is getting bolder. Competition is increasing and new forms of competition emerge.


As a result, new and different market drivers appear at the horizon and in order to grow and stay profitable many companies explore new, sometimes disruptive, business models, and go beyond usual borders.


This means that the market/competitive intelligence function will gain in importance. The better we understand changes in the market, strategic moves of our main competitors, customer behavior and consumer requirements, the better the company can prepare for future growth.


Market intelligence professionals will need to serve more and different stakeholders with other questions. They will have to research and analyze more aspects of markets, competitors and customers. They must be able to cope with huge volumes of data, trying to predict the future and analyze scenarios by looking at phenomena like social media and the internet of things.


But it goes even one step further: Intelligence professionals are no longer seen as just data providers. Instead, stakeholders are asking for conclusions, opinions, recommendations and advice. This means that intelligence professionals must go beyond traditional borders, both internally and externally. And to do that, they need to be brave.


How to prepare for the change?

How do you, as intelligence professionals, cope with all these expansions, changes and new dynamics?

  • Are you exploring new intelligence areas to support the changing business?
  • Do you work with more and new stakeholders that are asking different intelligence questions?
  • Are you building intelligence communities for co-creation?
  • Do you use SMINT and Big Data to its maximum?
  • Are you seen as the trusted advisor in tough times?


All of this requires new insights, methodologies, tools and interaction. The M-Brain Global Intelligence Conference offers answers to all these questions – by Intelligence professionals, for intelligence professionals. Be bold! Be brave! Venture beyond borders!
By Joost Drieman

The Global Intelligence Conference is an event for professionals focusing on the key strategic success factors of Market and Competitive Intelligence. It is internationally recognized as the best intelligence conference with 100% recommendation. Why? Because the conference is characterized by in-depth workshops, practical case presentations, thought provoking panel discussions, interactive roundtable sessions and a lot of networking opportunities. And it is vendor free. For more information, please visit M-Brain Conference (formerly GIA Conference) website.



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