2015 Market Intelligence Survey Report

Market Intelligence Survey

M-Brain is delighted to announce the release of its eagerly-awaited 2015 Market Intelligence Survey Report.


This survey marks the 7th annual edition in the series. It studies the perceptions of leaders and intelligence professionals around the globe on the impact and results of their market intelligence programs, as well as challenges and trends being faced in and around the industry.


The survey, completed in spring 2015, collated over 468 survey responses shared by participants within over 50 countries and from 20 different business sectors.


Some takeaways detailed in the report include:


Market Intelligence Return on Investment


This year’s survey took a new approach to examining the Return on Investment (ROI) and Value of Investment (VOI) measured by market intelligence professionals and their programs.  Findings show that above 60% of participants consider their MI operations to deliver a strong level of ROI.


Typical MI Team Structure & Average MI Budgets


Interesting shifts were discovered in the average size of MI teams as well as MI budgets and spend being allocated. Of particular significance is the result that companies achieving a world-class MI standing have a greater degree of work completed by a centralized MI team.


MI effectiveness and World-Class comparison


New findings were uncovered in terms of the impact that intelligence programs are making towards effective business decision-making, and particularly in comparison with the six Key Success Factors (KSF) for World-Class Market Intelligence programs. The findings have supported M-Brain in evolving its KSF Framework, which are already in the process of being implemented.


Market Intelligence in a changing world


The results reveal a strong sentiment towards systematic MI operations and fascinating revelations around the role that social media continues to develop in the sourcing and use of market intelligence.


The full findings and analysis are available for you to download now in our 2015 Market Intelligence survey report.


Click to download the white paper: The Global Market Intelligence Survey 2015.


By Paul Clarke


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