A story of empowerment – impressions from M-Brain’s Conference in London

Impressions from M-Brain’s Conference in London

The city of London is one of the global leaders in terms of culture, history, the arts, and has been at the forefront of modern global development. It is a city that holds substantial power and the importance of power was echoed in the key messages conveyed by the speakers at the recent M-Brain Conference.


It is necessary to empower business leaders in their decision making in order to enable them to successfully navigate the turbulent and ever expanding business environment. This links closely to the art of Informed Leadership. Empowerment comes from confidence in decision making that is fueled by insights, this gives business leaders a competitive edge and the confidence to execute their corporate strategy.


Empowering through insight


Dr. Henri Tirri, the conference keynote speaker said that new companies (think Airbnb, and Uber) feel more empowered than ever before: “They don’t go after individual companies, they go after the industries”. “Winners are the platform owners (like Apple)”, and they are empowered by data, as “big data is the engine of the platform economy”.


Baroness Eliza Manningham-Buller, former Head of MI5 provided a crucial piece of advice on leadership and encouraged self-empowerment: “Be yourself and rely on your strengths”.


Empowering your customers through insight is now more important than ever and it can provide companies with competitive advantage, provided that it is executed properly.


Alicia Lin, Senior UX Designer at LinkedIn, told a story about how LinkedIn is empowering their users by delivering insights for action. We learned from her that “an insight is a clear understanding of a complex situation”.


Highly successful organizations have often been praised for using employee empowerment strategies to accelerate innovation and increase engagement.


Working with Millennials


A group of 6 Millennials from IBM shared their views on how companies should utilize insights to successfully work with Millennials. According to the presenters “Millennials prefer to collaborate rather than compete” and what they want from their employers is “trust, a roadmap, and freedom to innovate”.


In addition, the presenters empowered the audience by convincing everyone in the room that the companies and the world overall are in really good hands with the next generation of young leaders.


The above impressions are just a few highlights of the successful M-Brain Conference with 150+ participants. In addition to the presentations, everyone had a chance to learn new skills and exchange best practices in workshops and roundtable sessions. The dinner with live entertainment was a great networking opportunity and a lot of fun.


I look forward to our next conference!


For more, check the Twitter hashtag #MBrainConf16



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