Analysis is A Gateway to Insight

Analysis is a gateway to insight Mbrain media analysis media analyysi

Do you systematically analyze what results your communications efforts yield? The measuring of communications outcomes, especially when done regularly, ensures that your organization does the right things and doesn't waste resources in non-effective measures. In order to suss out these right things you need to develop communications metrics that distinguish between the successes and the less than stellar efforts.

Improve your communications with analysis

Publicity analysis is an excellent tool to measure communications. It can concentrate on the organization’s own publicity or it can be tailored to focus on certain topics or themes. The analysis report illustrates the development according to the chosen metrics. In addition, the central findings and conclusions are presented in written form. Analysis metrics come in many shapes and forms. Some of the most common are the amount of publicity, tone, visibility, messages and opinion leaders. The appropriate metrics are always decided in cooperation with the client.

The organization benefits from publicity analysis in many ways. One of these is that it makes tangible the results of your communications efforts. Other benefits are the ability to monitor the achievement of set goals, long time planning benchmarking, the monitoring of weak signals and an objectively produced view of the overall situation. Take a look at the various media analysis metrics and their benefits!

Whatever the breadth of analysis and the chosen metrics, the monitoring process shouldn’t end with arriving at the results. They should instead be integrated into the organization’s work. The received lessons should be used to make operations more effective and to discover better practices.

The solution is determined by the specific informational need

 Analyses can be continuous or they can be produced based on specific needs. Systematic metering and improving the organization’s operations necessitate ongoing evaluation. The basis for this is a regularly produced summary that presents the development of the performance metrics.

Arising informational needs can be met with ad hoc summaries that can provide quickly produced insight to support communications and marketing decision-making. Following are a few examples of our clients’ informational needs.

Examples of informational needs and solutions

As part of the planning for the coming year, the company wishes to understand in what proportions and concerning what themes its competitors are visible in the media.

SOLUTION: A quarterly benchmarking of the competitors that use chosen key figures to compare the organization’s publicity in comparison with its competitors.

Product development requires information concerning consumption habits and consumers’ attitudes towards certain raw materials.

SOLUTION: A series of analysis summaries on conversations in social media. This allows for the monitoring of new conversation subjects and the observing of the spread of ideas among consumers.

Subject X has received markedly more attention in the media in recent times. The company wishes to form a general picture of the conversation about the subject.

SOLUTION: A one-off summary about the subject’s visibility in the media during a selected period. The metrics can be for instance the nature and tone of the conversation, major themes and the most prominent actors commenting on the subject.

The tailored solution doesn’t necessarily equal expensive implementation. The cost is completely dependent on the specific informational need and method of implementation. It is an investment in developing the company’s quality of work and the price should be assessed in light of the benefit accrued.

Confusing data One big picture

Data is often amorphous, unorganized and spread out over many sources. These days, to form a general picture of the situation and to make insightful conclusions, it is necessary to use several data sources and to identify relevant emerging data. If necessary, the analysis can combine the organization’s own information, media publicity data, social media summaries, business news and market research. We often produce summaries that combine data from these various sources utilizing different data sets.

It is sometimes exhausting to manoeuvre in the midst of an expanding sea of data. There is a danger that the horizon disappears and the direction is lost. It is essential to try to recognize emerging points from the mass of data and to distil meaningful information and insights from them.

We at M-Brain are ready to work it out for you and bring you the kind of data that is most relevant to your company. Contact us!

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