Being a summer back-up can be a valuable eye-opening experience

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Summer is the time of back-up arrangements. We need to fill in for colleagues who are off on vacation and solve problems we have not faced before. In most cases, what one needs to pull through the back-up season are good instructions and ability to improvise. Surprisingly enough, summer can be a time of learning and discovering your true capabilities.

I spent the summer as a back-up System Administrator, which was quite interesting and invigorating. It was something new and different, but still familiar, as I am a main user of the system. I learned a lot about how our CRM & PSA works from the backend, and what kind of problems people struggle with. This has a direct impact on my plans for future guidelines and updates of manuals. I now have a better understanding of what kind of issues people have in different offices, but also what kind of solutions there are on offer.  

Being a back-up offers new perspective 

Filling in for our regular System Administrator during the summer gave me a new viewpoint to a system I use daily. This helps me as a main user: It gives life to new ideas and possibilities to benefit from the data. I have a better understanding of what is possible and what is not, but also of what is useful and practical.  

I believe that seeing your business from another angle can be of help to anyone. Things look different when seen from another viewpoint, and that offers a challenge. Your assumptions are either confirmed or questioned, most likely both. This gives you an opportunity to find new solutions and possibilities.  

Perspective-taking is a great skill for any professional 

I am not alone with my view. For example, Steffan Surdek wrote in the Forbes in November 2016 that a key skill for a leader is “perspective-taking”, i.e. a skill to take a different perspective on a matter. The skill allows you to better explore a situation and / or make a decision. On the other hand, “perspective-seeking” allows you to better understand others’ views on a matter or a situation. “Perspective-coordination” is about using the information to the benefit of the whole team.  

Sherrie Campbell wrote in the Entrepreneur in May 2016 about people skills, in particular about the value of being able to take another’s perspective. This improves relationships, which in turn guarantees success and forward movement. She reminds that “perspective taking” also includes an ability to regulate your own emotions.  

At M-Brain, we like to think that our products and services are a way of taking on a new perspective. We help our clients to find new ways to search for and look at data, and our analysis and consultancy offers a valuable outside perspective, which cannot be gained when looking from the inside. Keep yourself open to new perspectives at all times! 


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