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Communicate Personally - Twitter in Corporate Communications

Communication flows from human to human, also in corporate communications. Real faces and voices are required alongside the formal Twitter accounts. In comparison to B2B or B2C, people are talking about H2H communications "“ human to human.


People want to know who they are talking to

As entrepreneur and social media expert Jaana Nyström said at the SomeAwards event in November, companies should stop hiding behind their logo and bring their employees to the stage.


A great example of doing so is Finnish coffee supplier Paulig and its employee ambassador program PauligHUB. Paulig’s employees from different teams are encouraged to use social media to share their stories and knowledge as Paulig’s professionals. Thus people with strong expertise and a great passion to what they do can create interesting and personal content that their peers can relate to.


Official corporate accounts have an important role on Twitter too, for example in information sharing and customer care. Yet, there is no denying the fact that more a personal touch to communication often comes in handy. Real people are in many cases more approachable than a formal company account on Twitter. We trust our peers and their recommendations more than companies or advertising.


Voices of experts on Twitter draw a picture of a competent organization which respects its professionals. Also in the times of a crisis, giving a face to the tragedy is a huge help in handling the problem.


Twitter is a way to keep up to date

There are perks to being on Twitter also for an individual professional. One can follow and contribute current popular discussions, learn more and get new ideas. Susanna Tirkkonen, Head of Social Media Consultancy at M-Brain, urges all companies and especially employees to try out Twitter.


“The beauty of Twitter lies in the fact that it enables you to express yourself shortly and to-the-point, and also to follow very prominent persons and organizations. Twitter is excellent when it comes to following urgent news, politics, conferences and all kind of trending topics on a global scope. It is very educational and a great arena to keep you up-to-date with anything in your profession.”


On Twitter, someone is probably talking about you or your industry right now. It is important to know what the discussions are about: are customers complaining about something, or is there a need for different services? As many feel more comfortable talking to a person than to a company, a person has often better possibilities to build fruitful conversations with other Twitter users.


It doesn’t happen automatically ““ companies must contribute

Not everyone is keen to join Twitter even if it is official company policy to build the number of its Twitter-ambassadors. However, favorable conditions for using Twitter can be created through corporate culture.


Positive attitude towards social media plays a key role, and its importance has to be understood by the management. For example, limiting employees’ social media use during working hours is not a solution when creating H2H communications.


Twitter is not a useful arena only for people working in communications, but for all kinds of professionals. It is important to find those who are potentially interested in using Twitter and offer them help and social media training if needed.


By Kiia Etelävuori

Are you interested in more effective and up-to-date social media managing? M-Brain offers several services for effective use of Twitter and social media at large. For example, M-Brain’s integrated media listening & engagement toolbox M-Adaptive makes it easy for you to follow what are the hot topics right now, and it will alert you when there is sudden spike in the conversations you are interested in. If you would like to know more, contact or read about our monitoring solutions.
Image: Flickr / Andreas Eldh. Licence: Creative Commons.

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