Competitor Analysis Helps You to Focus on the Right Issues

M-Brain competitor benchmarking analysis

Do you know how your media visibility compares to that of your competitors? Do the products of your competitors get praised more in social media than your products? Are you focusing on the right issues in your marketing actions? What are your competitors up to in social media?

Analyzing and benchmarking your competitors is essential to get information about which areas your competitors are currently focusing on. M-Brain’s competitor analyses are always tailored to your needs, ranging from simpler benchmark studies to in-depth strategic analyses covering all the essential competitor activities. In all our analyses, we emphasize the importance of continuity: analyzing at regular intervals allows for relevant comparisons over time.

Competitor analysis essential benchmark insight in a compact form

For a compact study, yet with highly relevant insight, we recommend our competitor analysis that focuses on benchmarking you against 1 to 5 of your most important competitors. Together with you, we will define the most relevant online editorial and social media to be monitored, as well as the most suitable monitoring period for the analysis.

Competitor benchmark offers easily digestible insight, always with the same background metrics to allow for relevant benchmarking and trend observation. It also brings trend insight on the following metrics tracked for the benchmark companies: volume of publicity, tone and reputation messages. In addition, our analysts add their insight on the individual themes that contributed to the benchmark companies’ success or misfortune during the tracking period.

The key benefits from M-Brain’s competitor benchmark include:

  • You will learn to understand the comparative strengths and weaknesses of your identified competitors, as well as the areas in which they pose a threat to you
  • You will get insight to support you in your brand strategy and brand marketing planning: where do your opportunities lie, what are the areas in which you need to improve?
  • Our reputation messages metric reveals the areas in which you constantly excel or underperform when benchmarked to your competitors. For instance,
    • Does one of your competitors get constant praise because of their products?
    • Do you get more negative feedback because of your customer service in social media than your competitors do?
    • Is one of your competitors struggling with reputation issues at a company level?
    • Which one of the benchmark companies succeeds best in sustainability? Which one is faring worst?

Do you want to know more about our competitor benchmark or our other competitor analyses? Contact us to make the most of your competitive intelligence operations!

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