Customer Service that Comes to You Creates Excellent Customer Experience

It is stories of exceptionally good and exceptionally bad customer service experiences that travel far and wide "“ and fast. What should customer service be like for it to create as positive customer experience as possible?


You are scanning through a disorderly website, trying to find a phone number to call or an e-mail address from where you might get an answer to your question. Finally, you find the contact info but it doesn’t offer any help ““ your mails are not answered and the queue on the phone seems endless. We’ve all been in this situation and we all know how exasperating it is.

But what if things were different? What if you just tweeted your problem, or asked your question on an online forum, and within minutes you were contacted by a company related to your issue with a clear answer? There’s no need to ponder which form of customer service would leave a better impression.

Positive surprises

Finnish Danske Bank offers one example of customer service that comes to you. The company answers proactively to tweets that are related to banking issues, even though Danske Bank is not tagged in the conversation.

For instance, when a potential customer was wondering on Twitter if there were any banks where one could deposit money and withdraw it only after a certain time, Danske Bank offered advice immediately.

That kind of proactive and friendly customer service leaves an excellent impression and a good mood for a long time. It leaves a feeling that you are being heard and appreciated. And it is service you probably want to recommend also to your friends.

Important investment

In addition to social media channels like Twitter and Facebook, outstanding customer service conquers also other arenas like online forums and blogs. People hope to get help quickly and through channels they already use.

It is no longer enough to put customer service contact information on your website and wait for people to come to you. Instead companies should actively monitor discussions and help customers where they are. Customer experience is continuously gaining in importance, and everyone should invest in it.
By Kiia Etelävuori

Picture: Flickr / Sebastiaan ter Burg


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