Enthusiasm emerges in a healthy working environment

How to create and uphold enthusiasm at work?

Excitement for one’s work has countless advantages. The meaning of enthusiasm has been brought forth in the latest surveys on work well-being, and it has been proven to produce a huge amount of positive energy at work as well as home. Excitement at companies yields the best results.


Enthusiasm also reduces job conflicts, which is of paramount importance at modern organizations with often global working environments and different working cultures operating under one name. For example, M-Brain  has offices in 12 countries and company acquisitions have brought in employees from several companies. Thus, people have varying backgrounds and modes of working. Passion towards a common goal helps to adjust these disparities.


How to find shared enthusiasm?

Enthusiasm is indisputably a positive thing. Yet, how can it be created and upheld?


Three things need to be taken into account. Firstly, basic assumptions on work well-being must be in place. The happier people are with their work, the easier it is to find a shared enthusiasm.


Secondly, internal communications must function well. Excitement comes through dialogue. Unofficial communication channels and the possibility of casual chit-chat are to be valued. Take for example the family-like atmosphere of small companies, which often share a common enthusiasm and team spirit. The same atmosphere can be cherished at large corporations, even if the company has countless co-workers, who cannot all be personal friends.


Thirdly, social media can be used to advance enthusiasm. Internal interaction in social media does not have to be serious or official; it can come in the form of a holiday greeting.


There’s always a reason for common excitement


In addition to healthy employees and open communication, there is one more thing that is important: a shared object of enthusiasm that brings the entire working community together, despite different backgrounds and cultures. What this shared object of enthusiasm is depends on the organization. The possibilities are endless. Enthusiasm can be found in a shared vision, strategy or the company’s expertise. All organizations surely have a reason to get excited. This reason must be found and cherished.


By Sirpa Ojala


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