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Competitive & Market Intelligence (CMI) is becoming more and more important and it is today seen as one of the few sustainable competitive advantages for many companies. To be distinguished today is increasingly difficult, with many vendors producing similar products and services, selling them for sharp prices, delivering excellent after sales services, but often lacking unique selling points. 

Differentiation does not only imply exclusivity of products and services, but also the ability to see and understand shifts and drivers in the market. Questions that need to be answered include:

  • What would customers like to buy from you?
  • What are the likely strategic moves of your competitors?
  • How fast is the market growing?
  • What are the disruptive market trends?

Asking and answering these questions is the role of a CMI team.

Looking forward

An important shift in intelligence roles and activities is the move towards forward looking intelligence. While in the past many intelligence teams focused on the current situation (competitive position, number of happy customers, revenue, profit, etc.)  or measuring past performance to understand patterns, share and progress, today intelligence teams try to understand what will happen in the future by doing predictive analytics, modelling, scenario planning, competitor simulation and so forth.  Forward thinking is what will help a company anticipate, be proactive, be smarter than competition and grow faster than the market.

This means that the role of intelligence is becoming more important, and the better a team’s capacity to answer the above-mentioned questions, the stronger the company’s sustainable competitive advantages.

It is therefore important to know how well intelligence teams are developing, how they are organized within a company, how big the team is, what budget they have and where they are positioned on the global intelligence scale.

M-Brain Global Intelligence Survey

Since 2005 M-Brain has conducted the global intelligence survey biennially to understand how companies in all sorts of industries, geographical regions and size bands perform CMI. This year (2019) we have completed the 8th Global Intelligence Survey, which is unique in the world of intelligence. This exclusive survey gives the international community a good picture about the level of intelligence activities in global companies on average today as compared to world class companies. It also looks at the trends in intelligence going forward.


The Global Intelligence Survey 2019 White Paper presents the main results of the latest survey and gives you a good picture about the level of intelligence activities in global companies on average today, as compared to world class companies.

I am pleased to introduce our 2019 Global Intelligence Survey whitepaper, which zooms in on a number of remarkable findings, including number of stakeholders and contributors to intelligence (for co-creation), cross-correlations of intelligence team-size vs. number of employees or intelligence budget vs. total revenues. This whitepaper delivers insights on things like the effectiveness of intelligence for decision-making, the latest state of digitalization within intelligence, the level of consultancy and trust of the intelligence practitioners and more. All the results can be used by companies to benchmark, set aspirational goals and develop roadmaps and implementation plans.

This whitepaper is a must read for intelligence professionals that have the goal to enhance the intelligence capabilities and actions towards world-class level.

Download your personal copy and enjoy reading!

Any questions? Contact us. We are happy to provide answers and tell you more.


Photo by Mesh on Unsplash

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