How Media Monitoring can Improve your Content Marketing? Part 1

Improve your content marketing by using media monitoring tools

Print is not passé but many newspapers have gone digital. Considering that your audience is also most likely interacting online, this is a good thing. Produced with all eyes and ears open, media monitoring online with the right toolkit both in print and social media can provide you a cubicle in your customer’s office and help you listen to what kind of questions they are struggling with.


Listen to your audience

Media monitoring is so much more than clipping articles from a newspaper, or tracking the amount of brand mentions in social media conversations. With the right keywords, a marketing communications professional can truly improve content marketing activities by using media monitoring tools. Add your company name and your brands but also include the names of the key people (especially if they are opinion leaders) in your company. After this, think of any other words, concepts or sources that might provide useful material for sharing in your social media channels, or for finding inspiration to create value-adding content to your audience.


Optimize your social efforts

Many marketers know that nearly 60% of a typical purchase decision is made before the buyer contacts the potential supplier. And this is when you want to be able to give a helping hand, isn’t it? Whether you use your media monitoring tools to actively participate in the conversations in your field, or as a means to provide great content to your existing audience, they can help you locate a group of prospects online with minimal effort.

Marketing and sales should go hand-in-hand with your company’s social media efforts. Take the time to come up with the right methods for your company to engage with your audience when they are active. If your resources are scarce, finding and motivating the right people for your social team is a vital part of a successful strategy. Then, together with your team, sketch a content marketing plan and use it to create the kind of content that provides added value to your customers by answering the questions they didn’t even know they had.


React in real time

Take action before it’s too late. A crisis can hit you and your products faster than you can say “˜cat’ (Finnish idiom). M-Brain’s media monitoring tool, M-Adaptive, has an alert feature that sends you an email within 30 minutes after any of your search terms has come up in the tool’s search.

You can also opt for an alert which flags out any radical changes in the sentiment of online conversations. This is useful, not only in preventing possible crises, but also in helping you to be the first one to retweet or forward any positive news as well.



Example of timed updates in a social media posting calendar, powered by M-Adaptive.


Plan, schedule and recycle

A well-equipped media monitoring tool comes with the opportunity for timed posting and a calendar for all your social media updates. This way you can schedule your updates in advance, recycle content and promote consistency in your work, as well as focus on and react to the fast-paced every day stuff, knowing that your most valuable content will be shared automatically. If several people contribute to your social media presence, they can all see the same updates with their colleague’s name on the side.

At the same time, you can analyse when to watch out for new comments and peaks in your social media statistics. Track what kind of updates and posting times produce the most engagement, use that information and a tool like Tweriod, to find what interests your audience and when your audience is online. You can create your posting strategy with the help of this information.

The offering of social media monitoring tools is vast. A good choice is to concentrate your social media efforts in one tool. This makes the data easier to handle and with just with one glance you receive a bird’s eye view to the underlying opportunities and conversations. If you have any questions related to media monitoring, M-Brain is happy assist you.


By Paula Määttä


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