How can Media Monitoring Improve your Content Marketing? Part 2

Even as you read this post, someone might be discussing your brand or asking questions your company can answer with its products. Luckily, there are ways to keep your hands free for that moment when something important comes up.


Using an online media monitoring tool should be a key element of your marketing strategy, because it enables you to listen to and engage with your social audience. Identifying and serving the true needs of your potential customers in real time is a good way to break out of your business bubble, and to keep your service or product up to date.

Your media monitoring toolkit can assist you for example with the following:

– Track online conversations, blogs and news to find topics and problems in your field
– Locate peaking social trends
– Find interesting statistics of topics your customers will love
– Generate sales-qualified leads
– Plan your content sharing with a useful social media posting calendar

There are a number of ways to benefit from your findings in marketing, a few examples here:

– Bring out solutions to the problems of your potential customers in your blog
– Anticipate what will happen next in your field and stay one step ahead
– Adjust your offering based on the market needs
– Create blog posts, tweets, infographics and other cool and current content
– Find and engage with opinion leaders and influencers in your field


Are your senses alert? Do you see the commotion? Do you hear the chatter? If not, contact us to make sure your media monitoring solutions are up to date.


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