How to enlarge the role and impact of market intelligence?

How to enlarge the role and impact of market intelligence?

Everyone wants to feel that their work provides impact, and this is true within market intelligence. Too often, the focus centers on only one of the two areas where you can provide true impact.


Your work AND you!

Intelligence practitioners often feel that their work should speak for itself. “It’s intelligence so it must be impactful”, they might say. The problem with this is that if you aren’t engaging people in your organization before you deliver your intelligence, the amount of impact you can have will be reduced. So the two areas that enlarge the role and impact of intelligence are your work AND you!


Your work

There is no shortage of techniques, tools, processes or any other technical aspect of market intelligence. As a practitioner, it’s important that you know the various elements and be seen as the expert in using them. In addition, the intelligence that’s delivered should be thoroughly analyzed and actionable. Intelligence without recommendations or actions is nothing more than information.

But if your work is not providing the impact that you think it should, maybe the issue is not the intelligence you’re providing. Maybe it’s you!


You can provide impact

How often do you leave your desk and meet with those that regularly consume your intelligence deliverables? How often do you include those that are asking for intelligence in the process to create said intelligence? Do you ask for feedback on the intelligence that you deliver? Do you come up with new ideas for leveraging intelligence in your organization at all levels?

If you’re not doing much of this, then you’re leaving impact on the table. By combining highly actionable intelligence deliverables with someone who is thoroughly connected and engaged in all aspects of the organization, the role and impact of intelligence can reach incredible heights.

To do so, develop strong interpersonal skills to be able to engage people and involve them in your process. Develop strong sales and marketing skills to be able to sell new ideas and gain new customers. Doing so might mean leaving your comfort zone, but the result will be true impact of your intelligence.


By Troy Pfeffer, Intelligence Director at Cintas Corporation


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Troy Pfeffer is attending the Global Intelligence Conference arranged in Amsterdam in June. He will be leading the panel for the plenary discussion on “How to enlarge the role and impact of intelligence?”

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