Images, images everywhere…

Summer and vacation season are a good time to take photos with a proper camera, as well as selfies and snapshots with an ever-present smart phone. Generally speaking, summer time provides good lighting and colourful backgrounds.

Whenever I post on social media or put together an article for the company intranet, I try to attach an image. For a personal social media posting, that means going through the picture files and folders (additional memory is a great innovation for a paparazzi like myself), for a company intranet post it means visiting image banks. It takes time to find the right one, but I consider it worthwhile.

Visuality seems to be the norm these days, while mere text is the exception. Speaking for myself, an article or post with just text in it does not receive as much attention nor leave as much of an impression as one with some kind of illustration. A well-chosen image also helps to understand the meaning of the post or even makes up most of the message, as with an infographic.

We live in a visual culture where pictures are ever present and competing for our attention. There are traditional commercials, professional Instagrammers, NGOs producing infographics, etc. Regardless of your target audience, you do not want to end up on the losing side of this battle.

If your personal holiday pictures of cats and sunburns aren’t suitable for your company’s visual storytelling, here are a few options that could be of help.

License-free image banks:




Death to Stock


Premium image banks:


Adobe Stock





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