Industry Trends

What’s trending? Find out with these posts related to various industry topics and latest industry trends! Here you can also find the Industry Insights blog series, where we take a detailed look at an interesting topic inside a specific industry and region, using our Industry Insights news service as background material.


Global Market Insights Can Boost Your Business Expansion

When planning to expand a business to another area globally or locally, you need a lot of information to make this move as secure and smart as possible. There is…


Strategic Insights – Opportunities in the Post Corona World

What will the world be like when the COVID-19 pandemic is over? Which trends have become stronger? What opportunities can be found? M-Brain’s VP Business Development, Nora Kärkkäinen, advises companies…


Insights Portal – Deeper Industry and Market Knowledge to Improve Your Business

Our Industry Insights service gives you the insights you need to run the business effectively. The relevancy of the content is the key: available news stories are always tailored to…


Eco Fashion – A Buzzword That Has Become a Way Forward For Both Consumers and Manufacturers

For many years, both people working along the supply chain as well as shoppers, were uninformed about how seriously the fashion industry could damage the environment. Things have changed now.…


Would You Like a Cup of Information Brewed According to Your Needs?

Do you feel addled with all the information on offer? Are you curious about what your competitors are doing or what is going on in the Asian markets? Then M-Brain’s…


How to Prepare for, Investigate and Resolve Business Risks

2020 has turned out to be quite different from what most of us anticipated. The overriding theme has been uncertainty, with – no surprise – the Covid-19 Pandemic as the…


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