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Turn information into business intelligence and drive your business towards a successful future.

External information is crucial when making effective strategic plans to grow your business. There is usually too much raw data to process, and it is simply too hard with limited time to find that “needle in the haystack”. Instead, your business requires relevant pieces of insightful information to succeed and stay ahead of the competition. More specifically, you need business intelligence that can support the decision-making process and drive your business towards its goals.

To remain competitive and be a successful business, large amounts of information need to be collected, processed, and refined. The method of information acquisition must meet the company’s decision-making needs. The primary purpose of business intelligence information is to support smarter decision-making so that your company’s strategic targets can be reached.

Industry Insights Provides Action-Triggering Business Intelligence

Relevant business intelligence is more precious than gold and harder to find, as well. Search engines do enable searches, but no-one has the time or resources to go through the vast amount of information from numerous sources and analyze both content and source reliably. That is why you should have a useful tool that can do this collecting and refinement for you.

Industry Insights is a business intelligence service that you can use both on your desktop and your mobile device. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, it is currently generating millions of unique insights as summaries a month for our customers from 130 000+ sources covering 100+ source languages.

You can significantly save time to spend on more added-value tasks by easily tracking what is impacting your industry, competitors, and customers. The Industry Insights service is fully customizable to provide you insights from the topics that are most relevant to you.

Stay on top of everything you need to know

A good business intelligence service helps you to improve your business and your own professional competence.

Industry Insights does that by

  • Filtering most relevant data from multiple sources on a global scale
  • Bringing you relevant external insights for impactful decision-making
  • Guiding you towards the right sources and information in an ever-expanding business environment
  • Helping you plan and implement business success stories for the future

Get useful business intelligence and stay ahead of the competition. Contact us for a free demo!

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