Intelligence Best Practices

Intelligence Best Practices, also known as Intelligence Development, involves understanding the characteristics commonly attributed to the world’s leading competitive intelligence programs and knowing how and when to apply elements that are suitable and beneficial to each organization’s unique situation. Acquaint yourself to these Best Practices with the blog posts here!


Market Intelligence – Insights For You to Be Smarter, Faster & More Competitive

Market intelligence is all about insights. These insights relate to what your competitors are up to, what your customers desire, how the market as a whole is doing and what…


5 Ways a Competitive Intelligence Platform Can Help You Make Use of Your Insights

In this blog post, we explain how a competitive intelligence platform can work for the benefit of your organization. Here is what you can do with your insights:…


Media Monitoring Means ‘Monitoring Everything in the Web’

Previously media monitoring meant monitoring editorial media. Everything that was published was produced by an institutional source, a privately or publicly owned publishing house. People’s choices of choosing their preferred…


Business Intelligence for Driving Action

Turn information into business intelligence and drive your business towards a successful future.…


Why Your Organization Needs a Business Intelligence Culture

Usually, business intelligence mining is appointed to business developers, account managers or sales. But there is also a lot of business wisdom to be found from other departments of your…


Strategic Insights – Opportunities in the Post Corona World

What will the world be like when the COVID-19 pandemic is over? Which trends have become stronger? What opportunities can be found? M-Brain’s VP Business Development, Nora Kärkkäinen, advises companies…


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