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Understanding changes, drivers and future direction of the market is becoming one of the most important requirements in order to create a sustainable competitive advantage for your business.

Strive for meaningful action

Especially during the current difficult times with the pandemic-related issues, fragile economies and geopolitical challenges, it is vital for companies to know what will happen next and how to proactively respond to that. This results in an increased importance for market intelligence teams. These teams should be able to formulate accurate answers to questions such as:

  • What will be the market growth in the years to come?
  • What will our customers buy in the future?
  • What will be the strategic directions of our competitors?
  • Which new (disruptive) technologies and business models will emerge?

Companies that do not understand the impact of these questions or answers to them cannot set meaningful business goals. As a result, they move around randomly, leading to… I do not know what. It is only motion. You are just spinning your wheels and not really going anywhere meaningful. You are often heading the wrong path. Hence, when your company is in motion, something will (or may) happen, but you don’t know what and you don’t know how it will affect your business.

Actions, on the other hand, are movements that will bring you closer to your business goals. When you take action, you want something to happen that will make you more successful. And that “something” is often a well-defined movement. In other words: action impacts results, while motion only has an impact on results.

Figure 1. World Class Intelligence Development Framework

Intelligence Framework to help

Ernest Hemingway once wrote: “Never mistake motion for action.” To avoid this mistake and to make sure you are action-focused, intelligence must be done in a professional and structured way. If the intelligence team is randomly collecting competitor information, unrelated market data or ad hoc customer insights, there is just motion. Real actions are needed that help to understand the market, find opportunities, as well as the likely strategic/tactical moves of your competitors. Research has shown that many intelligence practitioners find it hard to accomplish this.

To assist, M-Brain has developed the World Class Intelligence Development Framework (Figure 1). This framework will help you to conduct any form of intelligence work (market, competitor, strategic, customer and consumer, go-to-market, technology, product, etc.) in a structured and professional manner. With the 9 Key Success Factors and the 5 levels of maturity, the framework allows you to assess your current level of maturity by key success factor and offers the possibility to set aspirational goals.

Benchmark to understand your intelligence position and to develop your actions

On top of this assessment capability, the Framework is also a benchmarking tool. Since 2005 M-Brain has conducted global surveys to map World Class companies and plot the Global Average on our Framework.

By taking advantage of the framework, you can compare and benchmark your maturity against your peers, global average and world class intelligence departments. The whitepaper that is published following the survey analysis is the most comprehensive overview of the activities, organizational set-up and future outlook. It gives clear benchmarking information about:

  • The place of intelligence
  • Team composition
  • Budgets, KPI’s and ROI
  • Tools and methodologies
  • Levels of analysis and consultancy
  • Usage
  • Expectations and satisfaction
  • And much more

This year, 2021, we are running our 10th global survey. And I am strongly encouraging you to spend about 15 minutes of your time to answer the survey questions. This exclusive survey gives the international intelligence community a good picture of the global average and what is meant by world class.

It will help the entire international intelligence community to define World Class and Global Average, and it will allow you to benchmark so that you know what the gaps are and where to develop your intelligence capabilities. And by doing that, you and your companies will become even better at turning motion into action.

Take the survey here to receive a complimentary copy of the white paper. All respondents have a chance to win an Intelligence Development Benchmarking survey project for their organization free of charge!

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