Knowledge Management

Knowledge is needed to make decisions. Knowledge management is the creating, sharing, using and managing the knowledge and information of an organization. It can take the form of written tutorials and training events, or even newsletters such as our Friday Five. Take a look at how we can help your company manage its knowledge and make better decisions!


How to Find Business Secrets and See Black Swans?

We live in complex, chaotic, volatile, disruptive, uncertain, post-normal times and, yes, every day it becomes more challenging to keep your business profitable and to stay relevant.…


Making Competitive Intelligence Actionable with Competitor Profiles and Battlecards

If Competitive Intelligence is about properly understanding the external environment in order to make better decisions that will help companies compete and grow, then intelligence should be as actionable as…


Market Intelligence – Insights For You to Be Smarter, Faster & More Competitive

Market intelligence is all about insights. These insights relate to what your competitors are up to, what your customers desire, how the market as a whole is doing and what…


5 Ways a Competitive Intelligence Platform Can Help You Make Use of Your Insights

In this blog post, we explain how a competitive intelligence platform can work for the benefit of your organization. Here is what you can do with your insights:…


Media Monitoring Means ‘Monitoring Everything in the Web’

Previously media monitoring meant monitoring editorial media. Everything that was published was produced by an institutional source, a privately or publicly owned publishing house. People’s choices of choosing their preferred…


Global Market Insights Can Boost Your Business Expansion

When planning to expand a business to another area globally or locally, you need a lot of information to make this move as secure and smart as possible. There is…


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