Knowledge Management

Knowledge is needed to make decisions. Knowledge management is the creating, sharing, using and managing the knowledge and information of an organization. It can take the form of written tutorials and training events, or even newsletters such as our Friday Five. Take a look at how we can help your company manage its knowledge and make better decisions!


Being a summer back-up can be a valuable eye-opening experience

Summer is the time of back-up arrangements. We need to fill in for colleagues who are off on vacation and solve problems we have not faced before. In most cases,…


Wisdom from Fortune 500 Intelligence Leadership: Simplify with Scenario Planning Lite

As part of its ongoing Market Intelligence Benchmarking Circle offering, M-Brain recently facilitated an event with the senior market and competitive intelligence leadership of 12 Fortune 500 corporations. While many…


Taming the Beast – How to Build and Maintain a Large Scale Market Intelligence System?

Building a corporate wide Competitive Intelligence system for a large organization can be a daunting task and should be planned carefully. However, when executed properly you can significantly increase your…


The End of The Information Age – Time to Fast/Forward Your Business?

Data is the new oil. Data is the new oil. Data is the new oil. Yes, that’s true. Just like those countries whose GDP has been built on oil resources,…


How can we measure the success of market intelligence?

There is a difference between a norm and a value. A norm is something that is so embedded in your thinking that you don’t think about it anymore.…


Where to look for your real competition?

Recently I read “The Silent Deep”. This book vividly and in great detail describes the UK submarine service since 1945.(1) The Royal Navy had to be ready 24/7 to defend…


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