Why the M-Brain Intelligence Conference is a must attend for all business professionals

M-Brain Intelligence Conference

The success of a company is characterized by its sustainable competitive advantages, like its position and the unique selling points to grow faster than the market. Basically, it is that simple… in theory. But to turn this theory into practice, a lot of intelligence about markets, customers and competition is needed. And over the last decade the importance of intelligence has been growing. Intelligence teams have come bigger, more intelligence areas are covered and more stakeholders (internal clients) ask for intelligence support. That is good news for all intelligence professionals!


The most common questions business professionals ask are:

  • How do we make sure that intelligence will stay relevant?
  • What intelligence activities do we need to start, change, continue or stop to keep on supporting business decision makers in the best possible way?


So, it is of critical importance for business professionals to take the time to reflect, consider, discuss and learn. Preferably somewhere off-site together with peers. And that is the M-Brain intelligence conference. The only non-commercial event where over 150 professionals with responsibility for strategy, business development, intelligence and general management will come together to exchange best practices, discuss thought-provoking ideas, learn about the newest intelligence methodologies and develop a lot of new business contacts.


This year’s conference will take place on June 14 and 15, 2016 in the beautiful city of London, United Kingdom. The program is exceptionally compelling and powerful. First of all, we bring the program back from 3 days to 2 days and yet…. deliver more value. This means a time saving and cost saving for you. The conference will start with 6 different 3-hour workshops on the most important intelligence topics on two different maturity levels.


We are covering topics like

  • Stakeholder management
  • Detecting deception
  • War gaming

and more.


The workshops are followed by top-class speeches by senior executives from companies like Tata Steel, Just Eat, LinkedIn, Alipay (Albaba), EE and others. Besides this, we are exceptionally privileged by the presence of two keynote speakers:


  • The former director general of the British Intelligence Agency MI5: Baroness Eliza Manningham-Buller. As former Head of MI5, Eliza Manningham-Buller dealt with the wake of 9/11 and a growing threat from Al-Qaeda. She doubled the size of MI5 and transformed their old approach to staff. In her own account of driving change in turbulent times, the Reith Lecturer shows that leadership is not about command and control, but vision and strategy: “You must be honest about difficulties, but demonstrate your confidence in the future and in your people.”


  • Henry Tirri, an Executive in Residence at Aalto University and a HITT Fellow. He is the former EVP and CTO of Nokia in which role he was responsible for setting Nokia’s technology agenda. He has extensive experience in running global research and development activities with sites in 18 countries from China to the San Francisco Bay Area. His personal research interests span Artificial Intelligence, information theory, search technologies and Programmable world/Internet of Things.


The Intelligence Show will be present again at this conference. Our host Troy Pfeffer will interview 4 special business guests, followed by a lively discussion between guests and the audience. This means infotainment at the highest level. The second day also includes 8 different Round Table sessions you can choose from. Be prepared to discuss with your peers the less obvious, but very important intelligence topics including:


  • The next generation of intelligence professionals
  • Merging BI and MI or not
  • Intelligence and the internet of things
  • Data Visualization


If you combine the above speakers and topics with our unique program items like:


  • complementary networking dinner
  • free consultancy sessions to get one of your most pressing intelligence issues solved
  • pre- and post- conference diagnostics to make sure you get the maximum out of our conference


then you have the perfect vendor-free business event that will enhance intelligence to the next level. Who will benefit from this? Your company and yourself! All participants will leave the conference with at least 5 actionable take-aways that will help to get intelligence at your company to the next level of world-class. Look at our website to see the full program and register.

I am delighted to welcoming you in London,

Joost Drieman

Chairman of the conference


PS: 100% recommended by previous participants




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