Market Intelligence – Insights For You to Be Smarter, Faster & More Competitive

Market intelligence is all about insights. These insights relate to what your competitors are up to, what your customers desire, how the market as a whole is doing and what kind of novelty products are gaining traction.

Whether you work in the agricultural sector, retail industry, events management or any other sector, you will likely experience customers behaving in a way you couldn’t have predicted, competitors aiming to grow in the same emerging market sector as you plan to, or authorities presenting you with stumbling blocks that hinder your growth plans. Relevant market intelligence keeps you on top of what happens in your operating environment and helps you prepare for these kinds of challenges.

Market Intelligence Reveals Risks and Opportunities

Equally, whatever your role is, whether you work in sales or marketing,  as analyst, in product management or as part of company C-suite, market intelligence enables you to learn about opportunities, risks and trends in the market. It is the kind of knowledge that helps you improve your strategic decision-making and prepare for the future. These are some of the benefits market intelligence can bring:

  • increased understanding of the external environment, leading to more robust strategic management decisions
  • helping to put the customer to the core by understanding market demands and customer opinions
  • boosting your upselling opportunities and helping to gain a larger slice of the market share
  • identifying new markets and segments, while reducing the risk of entering a market that is not ready for your product
  • predicting the competitors’ moves better, avoiding surprises, reacting faster
  • improving your reputation management

This brief video explains M-Brain’s approach to market intelligence. We believe that everything starts from mapping your exact needs. To help fulfil those needs, we rely on our global source base, the most extensive in the market. We also trust in our hybrid intelligence method, a combination of latest AI technology and human brain power.


Learn how M-Brain can help you inform your strategy, reach your business objectives and gain competitive advantage!

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