Media Analysis

Here are our posts related to media analysis. Media analysis can help you measure the goals set for your organization or for a particular marketing or communications campaign, guides you in your planning, and helps you determine what actions to take in the future. Media analysis is a great way to concretize the results of your communication work and make it even better!


Competitor Analysis Helps You to Focus on the Right Issues

Do you know how your media visibility compares to that of your competitors? Do the products of your competitors get praised more in social media than your products? Are you…


Analysis is A Gateway to Insight

Do you systematically analyze what results your communications efforts yield? The measuring of communications outcomes, especially when done regularly, ensures that your organization does the right things and doesn't waste…


You Have the Right to Trust the Information You Receive

Lots of unreliable and false information is spreading via editorial and social media across the globe. Particularly in these insecure times of ours, official sources warn people about reading and…


How to Make the Most of Your Media Analysis?

Simple graphs about the development of your organization’s media coverage help you in identifying publicity peaks and the volume of interest directed at you. If you want to go from…


European Elections: Using the opportunity to shape our future over the next five years

The European elections will take place 23-26 May. Over 700 Members from all corners of Europe will be elected to the European Parliament for a five-year period with the mandate…


Bad Blood – Importance of information

John Carreyrou’s Bad Blood has received quite a bit of attention. The book was included in Bill Gates' list of '5 books I loved in 2018'. The book also won…


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