Media intelligence in turmoil – who will come out as winners?

Media intelligence in turmoil

The world is changing around us even faster than we had anticipated. New technologies emerge, new ways of grasping and making sense of the huge amount of information offered by the digital world. Who will be the winners at the end of this race?


Polarized media intelligence

Among media intelligence providers there is a strong polarization underway. On one hand, there is a need for consultation and advice. Clients have less and less time to read all verbal information that comes from the web. Genuine insight, that is the ability to forecast scenarios and support decision-making, is something that every client is looking for. Accordingly, M-Brain puts a lot of effort into developing more intelligent analyses and business intelligence reports, where competent personnel is the key.


On the other hand there is a rapid shift towards SaaS solutions, self-operated monitoring and analysis tools. With these tools, there is no limit to how much information is available to the client and the options available to sort, chart and report results based on this data are endless. Also M-Brain sees this as the other sector on which to build its future success.


Building hybrid services

Often it would be a combination of consultation and self-operated tools that would interest clients. They want to take care of their daily monitoring independently, but because the information they receive is increasingly complex, they need help in analyzing it and turning the data into actionable insight.


Combining automation and human intelligence is nothing new to M-Brain, but it never hurts to be proactive and to come up with new innovations. Therefore, M-Brain will now hit the market with a new combo solution, BI+.


This solution takes our current Business & Media Intelligence services, which are based on coverage that is selected and screened by human analysts, and combine them with an opportunity to run individual automated searches using our unique monitoring and analysis tool M-Adaptive to find more information on every news issue appearing in the report.


This combination offers something for everybody at the client’s organization: BI+ is run under a corporate contract, offering basic media information for all, and included in the contract is the add-on search tool for each user.


Our unique hybrid strategy ““ in-house technology combined with human brainpower ““ is key to M-Brain’s success. It enables us to deliver a large variety of services and tools, and all our technology solutions can be tested on-site in our production.


Serving a wider audience

But it’s not only innovative hybrid solutions that differentiate M-Brain from all other industry actors. While our colleagues target their offering to PR professionals, our product portfolio allows us to be partners with PR people, as we are business intelligence providers.


Overall, media content will be more and more integrated into the information that sales, marketing, HR, finance, production and R&D use in their daily work, and at M-Brain we believe that we have only seen the beginning of this trend. The usage of media information in various corporate functions besides communications will grow in the future and M-Brain has solutions to help all of these people do their jobs better.


Still, the initial question remains: Who will be able to most efficiently navigate in the turmoil that media intelligence is in? Who will come out as winners? I believe it is those who succeed in launching the easiest and fastest solutions and who thus help clients to make better decisions. I believe one of those winners will be M-Brain.


By Marjukka Nyberg, founder of M-Brain Group.


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