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July-September period saw two "big boys" in terms of the amount of media coverage, as Finnair’s busy September lifted the company’s level of media attention almost to the level of Nokia. When it comes to quality of publicity, there were familiar high-flyers, those who continued to struggle, as well as those who managed to turn the tide for the better. M-Brain’s quarterly M-Index comparison again surveyed publicity received by 15 large Finnish stock-listed companies.

The major league

Based on the media coverage in Q3, new-look Nokia seems to have been able to turn focus away from negative topics that have marred the company’s media performance in the past. In July-September, 4 per cent of articles that mentioned Nokia were negative by tone, a record low for the company. Mentions of the company in connection with Microsoft added to neutral publicity. Nokia’s coverage still left room for improvement – the number of favourable articles related to the company’s products dropped markedly compared to Q2.


For Finnair, Q3 period was the busiest of the year so far, looking at the amount of publicity. With media reporting about savings and negotiations between Finnair and its pilots, there was potential for unfavourable media attention. However, for majority of time, Finnair was portrayed in a neutral manner in media, and its share of unfavourable coverage stood at an acceptable level of 10 per cent. At the same time, the share of favourable coverage, at 2 per cent, was too modest.


The company in media spotlight this week

This week, Neste Oil announced its plans to reduce its personnel by approximately 250 people, while also investing heavily in Finland. The announcement came after the company had seen deterioration in the quality of its publicity, as revealed by metrics used in M-Index. Neste Oil saw a significant turn for the worse already in Q2 when the share of negative coverage for the first time exceeded that of positive coverage. From the previous quarter, the tone of publicity changed for the better in Q3, but still compared unfavourably to the company’s past performance.


Compared to the corresponding period a year ago, the share of negative publicity for Neste Oil now increased from 4 to 16 per cent, while the share of positive coverage decreased from 38 to 19 per cent. Similarly, the company’s Average Attention Score, describing the quality and noticeability of publicity, has shown lower
figures in the last two quarters than in the preceding periods.


Those in financial difficulties, familiar success stories and a newcomer

As often is the case with M-Index, those who fared the worst in terms of metrics, did so because of financial issues. Of all negative articles connected with financials, Stockmann and Kesko accounted for almost a half. This continued the trend of a difficult year for the two companies. Indeed, before this blog text made it to publication, Kesko joined Neste Oil and announced that it, too, will start co-operation negotiations in its home and speciality goods trade.


Our last blog text on the results of Q2 M-Index took a more detailed look at KONE’s success. In July-September, the company continued on a by now normal path: a minimal 3 per cent of KONE’s publicity was negative by tone, while 36 per cent was positive. Of all the companies in the M-Index comparison, Wärtsilä received the largest share of favourable media attention, at 44 per cent. This was in line with Wärtsilä’s excellent media performance throughout 2014.


Metso has not fared badly in the early part of the year, but Q3 still marked a positive change, although the company’s amount of publicity was fairly low. Out of Metso’s total coverage, 29 per cent was favourable by tone, while there was no unfavourable publicity at all. Positive news included media writing about
the company’s improved result and better profitability in Q2. Could it be that there is a bright new student in our class of 15 M-Index companies?


By Topi Laakso


M-Index is a quarterly comparison of media coverage of 15 large Finnish stock-listed companies. The metrics compared include the volume of audience reached, tone of publicity, average Attention Score and favourable/unfavourable core messages connected with the companies. The sources for M-Index are web publications of Helsingin Sanomat, Kauppalehti and Taloussanomat.

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