Outcome of FIBEP World Media Intelligence Congress in Dubai

international FIBEP World Media Intelligence Congress in Dubai

In mid-March, M-Brain participated to the international FIBEP World Media Intelligence Congress in Dubai. The program at the congress consisted of presentations, panel discussions and show-cases in different fields of media intelligence and media monitoring, and on how technology will affect the future of the industry. The prevailing themes in most of the presentations were integration, consolidation and automatization. How can high-cost manual work be enhanced "“ if not partly replaced "“ by tools and automatization?


Attempts to look in the crystal ball revealed several clear points:

  • the need to take mobility better into account
  • the need to integrate different tools under a single, or at least fewer, platforms and user interfaces
  • the fact that social networks and social media are here to stay
  • the need to filter data more effectively at a time where the amount of data grows exponentially


None of this is anything new or surprising, of course. And neither are there any easy or clear solutions.


John Croll, CEO of iSentia, gave an interesting presentation on the state of media monitoring in different regions of the world. His perception was that customers are looking for all-in-one solutions, for single tools that provide large language and source coverage. Everything should be available in one tool or platform.


But did I learn anything really new? Did I hear or see anything totally unexpected? I would be tempted to say that no, not really. At the same time, I feel that what I learned is that companies, not only in the media monitoring industry but in many other fields as well, are all struggling with similar challenges.


The winners in this battle are most likely to be those who create something genuinely new, something that can truly make a difference. You need to be able to speed up processes, to provide concrete cost savings or financial benefits, to create new and added value, even to create a “˜wow’ effect.


And so we are back at the roots of my interest and field of expertise, the connection between human beings and technology. How important are technical tools in specialist work and how essential is their future role in enhancing manual work?

M-Brain’s Chairman of the Board Mr. Kim Nyberg having his speech on Friday 14th March, in
a session focusing to the “Future of Technology that will Affect our Business”.




By Johanna Martola


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