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Would You Like a Cup of Information Brewed According to Your Needs?

Do you feel addled with all the information on offer? Are you curious about what your competitors are doing or what is going on in the Asian markets? Then M-Brain’s…


How to Prepare for, Investigate and Resolve Business Risks

2020 has turned out to be quite different from what most of us anticipated. The overriding theme has been uncertainty, with – no surprise – the Covid-19 Pandemic as the…


German Car Industry: Oh No – Will it Crash?

The car industry is probably perceived as the most German of sectors. Dominated by traditional heavyweights like Daimler and Volkswagen, it has for decades been known for products that are…


Beer and the European market – Innovative Solutions Building on Wellness Trend May Be the Key Out of the Crisis

Similar to so many other industries, the beverage industry has faced grave challenges due to the coronavirus outbreak in 2020. According to IWSR, specialized in drinks market analysis, 2019 was…


Friday Five: Reflecting on Racism

America is grieving and angry. Not only are Americans coming off months of lockdown, but also fear from the pandemic and anger about continued police brutality has come to a…


Analysis is A Gateway to Insight

Do you systematically analyze what results your communications efforts yield? The measuring of communications outcomes, especially when done regularly, ensures that your organization does the right things and doesn't waste…


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