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How can Media Monitoring Improve your Content Marketing? Part 2

Even as you read this post, someone might be discussing your brand or asking questions your company can answer with its products. Luckily, there are ways to keep your hands…


Communicate Personally – Company Experts on Twitter

Communication flows from human to human, also in corporate communications. Real faces and voices are required alongside the formal Twitter accounts. In comparison to B2B or B2C, people are talking…


Agile project management is pioneering intelligence projects

At M-Brain, we love keeping our ears to the ground to help us and our customers find better ways of doing things. And as an enterprise leading the race in…


Do World Class Communications and Market Intelligence Have Impact on Financial Performance?

Finding out whether effective communications and information management really pay off has always been my passion. In fact, the whole M-Brain business started because I jumped off the PR domain…


How Media Monitoring can Improve your Content Marketing? Part 1

Print is not passé but many newspapers have gone digital. Considering that your audience is also most likely interacting online, this is a good thing. Produced with all eyes and…


Market Penetration Strategies for China’s Pharmaceutical Broad Market

October 13, 2014. Chinese market has become the second largest pharmaceutical market globally, and it is expected to maintain a high growth rate of around 15% in the next few…


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