Social Media Framework – from theory to implementation

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It has been noted time and again that social media cannot be controlled. It is unpredictable and unmanageable, like a force of nature. Still, the eminent power that drives social media can be harnessed to a certain extent for anyone to utilize.

To get maximum benefit from social media it helps to be prepared for its urgent push and pull. And to help you prepare, M-Brain has developed a Social Media Framework which is built around certain key success factors. (To read about the overall setup of the framework, please see this earlier post.)

The first four key success factors form the internal cycle where strategy is built (you can read more about the internal cycle here), while the following three key success factors form the external cycle where actual implementation takes place. This blog post will focus on the external cycle.

M-Brain Social media framework

Implementation happens in the external cycle of the Social Media Framework

Putting your plans into action is done in the external cycle. Three key success factors come into play here.


1 – Listening

One of the first things you should do even before you take a full-scale plunge into the social media current is to listen. Listening is the only way to really know what social media is about and what is happening there, and this is why it should be done actively, attentively and continually.

When setting up social media listening, you should ask yourself:

  • Why is listening important? 
  • How do we listen to social media?
  • What should we listen to and why?

Listening is one of the most crucial things to undertake in social media to begin with. It is important to define why and what to listen to, and what kind of tools to use for assistance.


2 – Engaging

Engaging means two-way interaction with your target groups. It ensures that whatever you do in social media is not done in isolation.

When thinking about social media engagement, you should ask yourself:

  • Whom are we engaging with? Whom should we engage with?
  • Where are we engaging? Where should we be engaging?
  • What sort of a voice do we have in social media? 

Engagement must be carefully and strategically planned and executed – and always in line with chosen target groups and channels. The level of hierarchy in social media is low. Therefore, your engagement should always be honest and down-to-earth.


3 – Measuring and evaluating

Measurement and evaluation is done to assess whether or not you have met your objectives, reached your goals and connected with the audiences you were seeking to connect with.

When thinking about social media engagement, you should ask yourself:

  • How and when should we start measuring and analyzing? 
  • What should we measure against? 
  • How do we decide on the metrics and KPIs? 
  • How and to whom do we report to?

Measuring and evaluating should always be designed with and considered against objectives and targets. Choosing relevant key metrics is crucial, and adjustments to your social media startegy and actions should always be made based on the results.

If you put some effort into these three key success factors that are the corner stones of social media implementation, you will find that your social media efforts will start to yield the results you were after.


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