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The flow of social media is powered by its users, a force that cannot really be stopped or controlled. This is the current that organizations try to harness, a forceful tide that they can, to some extent, learn to ride and utilise for their own benefit.

M-Brain’s Social Media Framework (read more here) visualizes the flow of social media in a double cycle, where stategy is built in the internal cycle (check out my blog post on the internal cycle here), consisting of four key success factors, and implementation is done within the external cycle (you can find my blog post on the external cycle here), based on thee key success factors.

Social Media Stream - M-Brain

The link between these two cycles is the final key success factor in M-Brain’s Social Media Framework: “Learning and building a culture”.

Energy comes from continuous learning and supportive culture

Although the current of social media itself is eminent and overwhelming, the flow within the social media cycles of an indidivual organization can be seriously hindered if the final key success factor, learning and builging a solid social media culture, is not addressed. Indeed, the energy that keeps the flow of social media going, is generated through a supportive social media culture and learning by doing.

When thinking about learning and social media culture in your organization, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are we learning from our experiences in social media?
  • Is our social media culture developing as we would like it to?
  • How can we improve this on-going process?

It is important to keep in mind that social media work within an organization can never fully find its balance untill the culture supports active participation and learning.

Building a supportive culture does not happen over night – but it is possible

Based on M-Brain’s experience, “Learning and building a culture” is the key success factor that organizations struggle the most with. Even when we know that supportive culture and constant learning ensure the continous development of all other key success factors, and the organization’s social media presence in general, change in company culture is slow and hard to come by.

Still, there is hope. Little by little organizations are learning to utilize social media – and to avoid its most treacherous currents. It’s a real challenge to keep the flow of social media optimal, but through open dialogue and active learning from each other and our mistakes, it is possible for the entire organization to benefit from social media.

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