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M-Brain is a hybrid company, which means we combine technology and human intelligence to be the best service provider around. Our in-house machine learning engine analyses and classifies billions of online documents, constantly improving its capabilities through training data. Here you can find our posts on technology solutions, such as the M-Adaptive media monitoring software which enables you to independently monitor the social and editorial media publicity of your organization, your partners and competitors, or an interesting theme.


Competitive Intelligence – A Perspective on Facts turned into Competitive Advantage

To understand what competitive intelligence is, it is useful to consider an example from the world of sports and gambling. If you are interested in horse racing and you also…


Taming the Beast – How to Build and Maintain a Large Scale Market Intelligence System?

Building a corporate wide Competitive Intelligence system for a large organization can be a daunting task and should be planned carefully. However, when executed properly you can significantly increase your…


Information is Power: How M-Adaptive Provided Insight on Public Acceptance of Energy Technologies

In his draft Communication PhD thesis, Kalle Nuortimo, Market Analyst with Sumitomo SHI FW, used M-Brain’s M-Adaptive media monitoring software to measure differences in public acceptance of various near carbon-neutral…


Armed and ready? – Singapore’s challenges in maintaining cyber security

Cyber security crimes in Singapore are estimated to be over $1 billion annually, according to various reports. This includes theft of confidential business information. Cyber criminals hacked company networks, banks…


Data security market in Singapore to be worth billions over next two to five years

As increasing adoption of mobile, cloud, social and information technology drives demand for new security technology and services, various reports estimate that Singapore’s data security market could grow to be…


How much to budget for marketing improvement?

Improve your campaigns with marketing measurement.…


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