The Diary of An Account Manager

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When I started as account manager at M-Brain about a year ago, I didn’t have a very clear picture of what my daily work would be. As it turns out, my work with clients is a lot more multi-faceted and complicated but also much more interesting than what I had imagined. In this short blog post I give a sneak peek into my key takeaways from the past year.

For those with experience in sales, most of my daily routines are quite familiar: contacting clients, setting up meetings, making proposals and so forth. However, what has both surprised and intrigued me the most is the big differences in the backgrounds of client representatives I meet and the problems I help them solve.

Helping Clients from Different Backgrounds

One reason for this variance is simply the business of M-Brain; we offer a wide portfolio of services ranging from media monitoring and market intelligence to strategic analyses and consulting. This means it’s only natural that our media monitoring and consulting services clients would serve different roles in their organization and have different backgrounds and mindsets (as well as personalities). Herein lies the difficulty and the appeal of my work. How am I able to find a solution for a client whose problem could be (almost) anything under the sun?

Moreover, in my experience even identical functions are sometimes performed by completely different departments in our client organizations. Nowhere is this more evident than in the case of market intelligence services. In some cases, our clients might have a dedicated person or team for market intelligence, but often they don’t – and in the latter case, the work of monitoring the markets and competitors is done by someone who also has other things to do.

In the past year, I’ve had fruitful and interesting discussions about market intelligence with Communications Managers, CEOs, Strategy VPs, Market Intelligence Managers and Business Controllers, just to mention a few. Indeed, there isn’t a single clear “target demographic” for our services within a given client organization. This has forced me to broaden my horizons and to learn to empathize with people from wildly different backgrounds – and I would argue that as a result I’ve become better at providing good service to our clients.

The Power of Teamwork

Whenever I’ve felt that I’m out of my comfort zone, I have always been able to rely on my colleagues for help and guidance. For me, one of M-Brain’s strengths is our team spirit and highly skilled colleagues, who – like our clients – also come from a multitude of academic and professional backgrounds. Their advice and viewpoints have been invaluable in solving customer cases which would have been too challenging for me to tackle alone.

M-Brain strives to be the preferred partner for all our clients’ intelligence needs. The experience of solving problems as different as chalk and cheese and having a great team around me is bound to be useful in helping to achieve this.

Naturally it is our clients who will have the final verdict regarding my supposed professional development. And it is largely thanks to our clients that I have been able to develop my professional skills in the first place. So here’s hoping that we will be able to take our mutually beneficial and fruitful relationships even further in the future!

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