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Trust your expert M-Brain

I have been going to the gym for years, first on my own, but for the last few years I have paid for the services of a personal trainer. I would say that the relationship you have with your personal trainer can be used as an example for any customer - expert relationship.

I have had three different personal trainers. The current one is the one I feel suits me bestI feel he understands my goals and takes my strengths and weaknesses into consideration. Halso has the experience and imagination to figure out something else in case a move or routine does not work.  

Listening and trust define a good customer – expert relationship 

My PT accepts that I get bored easily at the gym. Two times with the same routine is once too many, and so he spends time designing new mixes of HIIT, strength and endurance exercises. I am willing to pay for that kind of expertise and dedication to my development. With him, I have a feeling that I am developing and moving forward. I can trust my PT to look after me.  

I am also willing to try something new, something even a bit daunting, because I trust my PT. In fact, trust is the keyword, the essential ingredient in any customer – expert relationship. Both sides must trust one another, not to mention take each other into consideration. The relationship must develop positively and equally 

Mutual benefit is the ultimate goal  

Ideally, the outcome is a situation where both parties, both the customer and the expert, have a feeling of optimal forward motion. The customer expects the expert to provide value, offer new viewpoints and support her ambitions, while the expert is looking to develop his knowledge, gain experience and acquire the rewarding feeling of having been able to genuinely help the customer. An essential ingredient to make this happen is open communicationThe expert must be aware of the customers’ goals, as well as how they want to reach them, while the customer must understand what the expert is willing and able to do to help her 

Trust and sharing of knowledge lays a solid foundation for any relationship, be it with your personal trainer or with an M-Brain consultant. We look forward to building a trusted and mutually beneficial relationship with you! 

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