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Do you feel addled with all the information on offer? Are you curious about what your competitors are doing or what is going on in the Asian markets? Then M-Brain’s Industry Insights service is a perfect solution for you. With Industry Insights you can keep up-to-date with what is happening in your business field, with your competitors and what is talked about in public discussion. You only receive the most essential news from your areas of interest, summarized into nuggets of information.

To give you a better view of what our service is all about, Content Manager Annukka Kaukovuori and Senior Information Consultant Leena Jahkola have answered three pertinent questions about the service:


1. How would you describe the service?

Industry Insights is a service for market and intelligence monitoring. It is designed for monitoring industry events and main news, both on a global and local level. The Industry Insights service is an easy, structured way to receive regular insights into what is happening in your industry, amongst your competitors, customers and collaborators as well as in the broader society.


2. What are the main principles in its production?

Industry Insights is produced by a unique hybrid solution. The data we use is based on M-Brain’s search technology. Out of a huge amount of data collected, M-Brain’s experienced analysts select, summarize and classify articles of highest relevance to our customers.

Every summarized article is sort of a mini analysis: its content is carefully classified by for example region, industries, significance and various viewpoints. Together with each customer, we build a tailored news profile, which is also based on our classification system. This profile ensures that each customer receives a report tailored specifically for their needs. When needed, we can adjust the amount of content thanks to our versatile classification.


3. What are the main benefits for customers?

We offer a truly global insight on markets. We have access to local sources in their original language, thanks to our language expertise in about 30 languages.

With our hybrid solution, we can process a huge amount of data, select the relevant information, classify it as well as deliver accurately what is needed. This saves time for our customers.

We deliver our content in a variety of formats: as an e-mail newsletter, through the Industry Insights Portal solution, as an RSS-feed or through our Intelligence Plaza platform.

The Industry Insights service provides relevant information to support decision-making: the customer receives only content relevant to them specifically.


Get to know this service better through our Industry Insights blog series, where we use it as background material for deep-dives into different industry trends!

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