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Only 15 years ago I was doing just fine without social media in my life. Today, I have several applications on my mobile devices, and I’ve become an avid social media consumer. I check the contents regularly and I like to spice up the discussions and topics with my own two cents. With social media, it is easier to keep in contact with family and friends, as well as keep up to date about what is going on in the world at large. In essence, social media has become part of my everyday life, almost like food.

Homemade meals

Facebook, the global giant and channel of all channels, was originally designed as a portal for keeping in contact with people you know. Nowadays, there are advertisements and infomercials sprinkled in my stream. Facebook’s famous algorithm makes it more and more difficult to use the channel for its basic, original function, but it is still a good way of finding out how your friends are doing – or how they want you to think they’re doing. I also use Facebook to acquire information about events in my region. Facebook is still a personal and local channel.


Fast food

For me, Twitter is the global news channel. It is easy to keep up to date on the breaking news and different organizations’ views of current events. The channel is more focused on the global level, with short comments on life, the universe and… well, everything. If I want to know more about a news item, I just click the link to read the story itself. Twitter can also be visual, as pictures can be used to make the tweet pop out from amongst all the other tweets and chirps.


Grub with all spices

Instagram, however, is the most visual channel. I like taking photographs, so I use Instagram to share my best shots with others. Also, it is the most convenient channel to follow such designers as Tarun Tahiliani up here in northern Europe. I also follow a couple of Disney cartoonists, some photographers, bikini designers and Indian wedding photographers. You can see all colors of life and the world on Instagram with just a little digging and searching.


Snacks and dessert

WhatsApp is for conversation between family and friends. In a way, it is the most personal of my social media channels. It is a convenient channel for sharing photographs of family events and pub evenings with friends, as the pics are automatically saved into my mobile device.

I tried Snapchat, but I did not like its ephemeral character, nothing is fixed and you cannot follow nor check later what you have let out to the world. I have not used Allo either. Only one of my friends had downloaded it, so that was that. I have downloaded plenty of apps, but most of them have been deleted or put aside, as they were not practical or fun enough to be worth my time. My gym’s app is useful as well as my sports tracker’s app (wearable sports technology, to be correct). Candy Camera is fun enough to warrant its room on my mobile device.


I remember there was a time I thought social media is not worth the time or the effort. Now, in 2017, I find myself being a heavy consumer of social media content. I have a growing appetite and I’m constantly waiting for new meals and diets to try out. Yummy!


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