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M-Brain Conferences are leading Strategic Market Intelligence events where business professionals can learn how leading companies apply high impact Market Intelligence to improve their decision-making.

Speakers from leading global companies share best practices and case presentations. In addition, M-Brain Conferences include interactive workshops and panel discussions on current hot topics in the area of Strategic Market Intelligence. M-Brain Conferences focus strictly on delivering best-in-class educational programs.



The case-driven agenda and practical learning experience

  • “I have never attended a conference where the subjects, topics and schedule were respected”¦ Bravo! for being so organized and professional.”
  • “The mixture of workshops, presentations and panel discussions was really good and kept my attention levels high.”
  • “Focus on substance, lots of deeply involved people, no “twists”.”
  • “Very practical discussions, good case studies.”
  • “No suppliers’ presentations. Nice mix of presentations, panels, workshops, events and networking. Well done!”
  • “Global participants, speakers alive in the industry, interesting relevant topics.”
  • “Opportunity to hear the issues & how these were addressed in the variety of companies.”
  • “The really excellent presentations. The friendliness of M-Brain staff.”

Seasoned market intelligence experts from leading global companies as presenters and facilitators

  • “All the practitioners were top quality and hand picked.”
  • “Excellent speakers, I got a lot more tools and insights now.”
  • “Global participants, speakers active in the industry, and interesting and relevant topics.”
  • “Great people, very inspiring, time well spent.”

The warm, friendly and open atmosphere

  • “Enjoyed the advanced content and networking. Overall, fantastic work- and thought- stimulating atmosphere.”
  • “Opportunity to learn from peers is great. Enjoyed the sessions, case studies and networking events!”
  • “A very valuable conference! I Enjoyed the hands on examples and thought-provoking discussion. I appreciated that it wasn’t a “sales pitch”.”

Useful conference tools and format to cater to delegates

  • “Loved the Conference Plaza ahead of event ““ great idea to have M-Brain thought leadership brought to me.”
  • “Good presentations. Sharing of documentation through Plaza ““ brilliant!”
  • “This conference provided a strong baseline for the planning activities for next year.”
  • “Overall, this conference exceeded my expectations and provided good insight on how to further expand our MI function.”

“M-Brain Conferences provide practical tools and great examples to improve your intelligence program. I really find these conferences inspirational and highly valuable. We have already been able to utilize the findings from the last year’s conference in our intelligence process development.” Rob Morrow, Carhartt, Inc. Director of Corporate Performance

“The tools and examples presented are right to the point. I got a great insight into what I can do in Market Intelligence and how to add more value to our function. Best practices sharing really works in these events regardless the size of the company or industry. Great job!” Philip M. Goldfeder, Exxon Mobil Global Services, Market Intelligence Sourcing Process Center of Excellence

“We have taken the opportunity for our whole team to participate in the M-Brain Conferences. It is a really great way to learn and network with professionals around the world. You always come up with a list of things to implement and this is a huge return for us. I would recommend these events for everyone, regardless of what stage you are in professionally or as a company.” Byron Hulls, Owens Corning Director of MI and Innovation Strategy

“I find the M-Brain Conferences incredibly valuable. The full day workshop is excellent for professional development. Case presentations and roundtables throughout the event really bring up new ideas as well. Great best practices information and a strong mix of topics. I especially appreciate the practical approach in these events, you really want to hear about the success stories and challenges of other companies.” John Hink, Fiserv, Manager Competitive Intelligence

For further information, please contact events@m-brain.com

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