London Conference, June 14-15 2016 – Former GIA Conference

Theme: Intelligence, the art of informed leadership
Dates: June 14-15, 2016
Venue: London Marriott Hotel Grosvenor Square
Address: Grosvenor Square, London W1K 6JP, United Kingdom
Early bird discount expires on March 31, 2016: £1,295per person
Fees: £1,495per person

The cost of all conference meals are included for the two-day event.
Fee shown is before early bird discounts, group rates and local taxes.


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In a climate of continuous change, success belongs to those with the greatest foresight, the deepest understanding and the most effective ability to influence their landscape. Compelling and insightful speaker sessions will immerse our audience deep into the greatest challenges and the creative solutions uncovered by some of the globe’s most acclaimed business leaders. Best practices will be shared by presenters and facilitators from leading global companies, including Alibaba, ClearChannel, EE, Fiserv, IBM, Tata Steel.

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The modern world is driven by intelligence. And applying intelligence well is the art of effective business leadership; the art of informed leadership. Much in the way that Mozart composed symphonies and Picasso produced paintings, world-class business leaders share a responsibility for bringing their vision to life and delivering impact through inspiration. As a leading supplier of global information services, M-Brain has developed an enviable reputation for hosting powerful conferences that deliver unique insights to business leaders and intelligence professionals throughout the world. Events where participants are free to contribute, learn and grow for the mutual benefit of all.

With an exciting schedule of interactive and consultative sessions for all to access, attendees will share a powerful opportunity to test opinions, gain thought-provoking insights and experience networking with like-minded peers on a conducive level like never before.

M-Brain’s London conference is set to be the stand-out leading event in the 2016 annual MI calendar, bringing together world-class minds to share, explore and learn from real and powerful experiences.


  • Two full days, 30 minute sessions: This year, we will be packing numerous to-the-point 30 minute roundtables and expert presentations into two days, so you get more from your time at World’s leading intelligence sharing event.
  • Compelling workshops: Choose one of the 3-hours workshops to attend
  • No vendors or sales pitches: Focus on true learning and knowledge exchange, with real life practical insights
  • Before and after conference advisory: Prepare to truly turn takeaways into action after the event. Participation includes optional pre-conference intelligence diagnostics and post-conference advisory sessions.
  • Free consultancy session: Free 20-minute consultancy for your most pressing intelligence issue
  • Intensive networking: Create strong professional relationships and utilize the vast experience available during and after the Conference.
  • Personal and interactive: You will join circa 150 of your peers in an intense knowledge sharing event. The atmosphere is cosy and conducive for open candid conversations.
  • 100% recommended by past attendees: In post-event surveys, all attendees at M-Brain Conferences say they will recommend the event to others.


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Join the M-BRAIN Conference if you are responsible for:

  • Competitive intelligence
  • Market intelligence
  • Customer intelligence
  • Market insight
  • Information management
  • Market research
  • Business intelligence
  • Strategy and Planning
  • Business development
  • Data analysis
  • Sales
  • Social media monitoring
  • Go to market intelligence
  • Business analysis
  • Marketing
  • Economic analysis
  • Knowledge management
  • Modelling
  • Big Data
  • General management


Note: All registrations subject to acceptance by M-Brain.

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