Market Intelligence

Creativity, Curiosity & Involvement: Missing Factors Needed for Creative Intelligence Analysis

December 10, 2008. Creativity is an essential part of product innovation and strategy development. Therefore, it is, or at least […]

Market Intelligence for the Strategy & Planning Process

December 10, 2007. Developing a Market Intelligence capability that provides valuable input to organizational strategy and planning processes is of […]

Intelligence Needs Analysis

December 10, 2008. Various methods exist for analyzing information needs in an international company, the most of which can be […]

Intelligence Product Development

December 10, 2008. Intelligence activities are rather complex and abstract by nature, which is why the output of an intelligence […]

Early Warning / Opportunity Systems for Intelligence

December 10, 2008. This paper provides an overview of the Early Warning System (EWS) concept and describes a methodology for […]

Key Success Factors of World Class Market Intelligence – MI Organization Competence Development for Market Intelligence

March 18, 2013. As your competition becomes more globalized, diverse and intense, how can you ensure that your organization has […]

Recipe For Success in a Competitive Intelligence Intranet

December 10, 2005. Establishing “Competitive Intelligence (CI) intranets” has become commonplace in international companies. Behind this development is the idea […]

Developing SI Capabilities Through Scenario Planning

December 10, 2008. To date the new millennium has been marked by increasing uncertainty and rapidly accelerating change in the […]

Developing an Intelligence System

December 10, 2008. An intelligence system is defined as “˜the organizational means by which information is systematically collected, analyzed, and […]

Measuring the Benefits of CI

December 10, 2008. Users of information usually expect tangible benefits from using CI products or services. They want CI output […]

Introduction to Competitive Intelligence

December 10, 2008. Competitive intelligence can be defined as knowledge and foreknowledge about the external operating environment. The ultimate goal […]

Introduction to Strategic Intelligence

December 10, 2008. Strategic intelligence (SI) is an important tool in informing and supporting strategic management activities in different stages […]

World Class Market Intelligence – From Firefighters to Futurists

January 28, 2009. This M-Brain (formerly GIA) White Paper introduces and discusses M-Brain (formerly Global Intelligence Alliance)’s “World Class Market […]

Market Intelligence as a Key Success Factor in an Economic Downturn

January 28, 2009. This paper presents a three-phase model for companies to adapt to a recession and ties in Market […]

Market Intelligence Trends 2020

The Market Intelligence Trends 2020 survey asked market intelligence professionals around the world for their opinion regarding how market intelligence […]

Global Market Intelligence Survey 2009

October 29, 2009. As a result of the recession into which the global economy slipped in 2008, budgets have been […]

MI Trends 2015 – The Future of Market Intelligence

June 23, 2010. The intelligence industry towards 2015 is heading to more sophistication, integration to business processes, impact to decision […]

Intelligence Scope – Determining the purpose, target groups and focus areas of an intelligence program

November 2, 2010. Having a corporate intelligence program in place is becoming increasingly standard in international companies. Many of them […]

Market Sizing – Introduction & Case Studies

November 2, 2010. Knowing the size of your addressable market is a fundamental step in any business or marketing plan. […]

GIA Presents The Handbook of Market Intelligence!

July 26, 2011. Get an insider’s look at how the world’s best international companies use Market Intelligence! Read more:

Strategic Purpose of Market Sizing – Introduction & Case Studies

October 12, 2011. Knowing the size of your addressable market is fundamental to any strategic business or marketing plan. You […]

Market Intelligence for Innovation & Product Life-Cycle – Case Examples

December 10, 2008. The case companies presented in this White Paper are Pirelli Tyre, DSM, and Boehringer Ingelheim. On top […]

Market Intelligence for Sales and Marketing – Case Examples

December 10, 2008. The case companies presented in this White Paper are Cisco Systems, De Telefoongids, MAG Industrial Automation Systems, […]

MI for the Strategic Planning Process – Case Examples

December 10, 2008. Market Intelligence for the Strategic Planning process in five large companies will be presented and discussed in […]

Global Market Intelligence Survey 2008

December 10, 2008. The M-Brain (formerly GIA) White Paper “Global Market Intelligence Survey 2008″ uncovers linkages between organizational decision-making and […]

Market Intelligence for Customer Processes

December 10, 2007. This White Paper discusses the kinds of Market Intelligence support that the corporate customer processes (marketing & […]

Market Intelligence for Innovation and Product Life Cycle Management

December 10, 2007. In this paper, the product life cycle process has been used as the core framework within which […]

Market Intelligence in Large Companies – Global Study 2007

December 10, 2007. The “Market Intelligence in Large Companies ““ Global Study 2007″, conducted by the M-Brain (formerly Global Intelligence […]


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