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Our competitive intelligence software has received very positive feedback

Read below, what others have told us about Intelligence Plaza®.

Christian Bischof, Linde Hydraulics

“The Intelligence Plaza is the most powerful tool we have assessed at Linde hydraulics. The most impressive feature is the degree of automation that the platform provides. In a world of information, we do not have the time or the means to screen every possible source. Intelligence Plaza does that for us. It categorizes the news for easy review and helps us to distinguish between important and unimportant data. The main benefitsare the more advanced information offerings that help us to compete more successfully. Not only do we make better decisions, we also save time.”

Troy Pfeffer, Cintas Corporation

“The feedback that we receive from our 1,600 Intelligence Plaza users is very consistent. It is easy to use and it’s visually engaging. It looks like a high-quality web site – which is really what it is. It’s easy to find content, it’s easy to add content. So the bottom line is it’s very user-friendly. I would highly recommend the Intelligence Plaza to any organization that’s looking for a professional, scalable, well organized, visually engaging product to help manage their intelligence function.”

Nancy Scherden, Navistar Inc.

“M-Brain did a really good job in building the architecture for our competitive intelligence function’s portal, basically taking all the primary and secondary research and making it a mechanism that the executives can easily search and find information – which was just fabulous.”

Con Goedman, Shell Upstream Business

“We are constantly on the look-out for ways to add value to our business stakeholders. Gathering external perspectives has never been so important, but many professionals struggle with time constraints when trying to sift through the massive amounts of news and reports. The Intelligence Plaza could be the right solution in channeling the right market information to Shell’s business units effectively and efficiently. So far, during the trial year, we have seen business and productivity gains.”

Luc Rooms, Belgacom

“We chose Intelligence Plaza for SharePoint, as we were impressed by the technical skills and market intelligence know-how of M-Brain, the people behind the software. We expect to be fully able to tackle the SharePoint platform issues we have had so far and enable more personalized delivery of content as well as collaboration with our end users as a result of fully deploying the new software.”

Kristine Slaboszewski, Tellabs

“M-Brain’s Intelligence Plaza was a critical component needed to implement a new intelligence function at Tellabs, Inc. The M-Brain team was extremely helpful right from the beginning, from scoping the project to tailoring end results to user needs. The Plaza delivers quality customized information and is scalable to reach as many users in the organization as necessary.”

Dr. Petri I. Salonen, TELLUS International

“The Intelligence Plaza for SharePoint is the outcome of close collaboration between leading intelligence advisors and SharePoint experts. It’s exciting to see the Intelligence Plaza for SharePoint fill a gap in the market for world class market intelligence ‘engines’ within a SharePoint environment.”

Scott Brown, VIP magazine

“Each Intelligence Plaza® installation is highly customised to the customer’s operating and business environment. I get a strong impression that Intelligence Plaza works closely with their customers to make sure they get the most out of Intelligence Plaza as an integral part of the customer’s intelligence process. The level of support seems quite high. I (also) get the impression that customers of Intelligence Plaza are very loyal.”

Greg Tanner, DHL Express Asia-Pacific

“To keep up with the market and even go beyond that to maintain our leading competitive position, we needed a market monitoring system that would complement our existing issue-driven research and analysis. The Intelligence Plaza gives us access to the latest news that is relevant to our business, and empowers our decision makers by allowing them to access the information directly.”

Peter Quatfass, TNT Post

“We choose Intelligence Plaza® because it has been developed by strategic market intelligence advisors who understand the needs of business planners and analysts. We saw in it, the functionalities and best practises that we need for timely and tailored market monitoring. The system is very intuitive, so it is easy for analysts to manage and for our user groups to use. Better yet, we have the benefit of trying it first as a software as a service, with the option to buy the software later and host it ourselves. And I was impressed with the short time needed to customize the tool to our needs. We actually got the system up and running within two weeks – as planned.”

James Trocme, Diebold, Inc.

“We found Intelligence Plaza’s mobile user interface to be very useful, because a lot of our executives are not necessarily in front of a laptop or PC or workstation, and we’ve started deploying on iPads and iPhones throughout the company. A vast majority of our users are also BlackBerry users. So the ability to have visibility on mobile devices is absolutely critical. Moreover, you can do very basic things with the Plaza – but it also can be used as part of a much more elaborate and sophisticated process and as an intelligence gathering as well as dissemination tool.” Watch the interview with James on YouTube

Diane Koepke, Brady Corporation

“In our company, we have a lot of vertical markets, a lot of customer business issues that we’re tracking and the prioritization of those can change. So the flexibility to be able to build to change the taxonomy in the Plaza quickly without a lot of disruption today with what’s already there is very important. Also, I see the differentiation between M-Brain and their competitors in the market is the caliber of the people – they truly care. The executives within M-Brain are very accessible and being the industry leader by promoting things like conferences and events. You’re on the leading edge, and that’s really important to us. I would absolutely recommend the M-Brain Intelligence Plaza!” Watch the interview with Diane on YouTube.

Daniel Cho, Philips Healthcare

“PHID (Philips’ internal branding for Intelligence Plaza®) is instrumental in the success of PCCI in the recent integration process of new businesses and acquired companies. Without PHID as a common sharing platform, accepting these six new Business Units and 20+ new individual businesses would be a nearly impossible task.

Now, by simply including them into PHID, we can start capturing new knowledge from these new partners, sharing with them our collections of Intelligence (500,000 EUR worth of secondary research materials in their area of interest), as well as capturing the competitive moves, and provide them with guidelines on how to win deals based on good practices in other successful regions.”

Luis Madureira, Group Heineken

“One of the great things about the Plaza platform is the competitive profiles. When you have a competitive profile, which is like one hundred and like fifty slides long, it’s quite complicated to get it always updated. If you use the Intelligence Plaza, you always have your profile updated and you can print it whenever you want. So it’s always updated. It’s much easier than going through all slides of a hundred and fifty slide presentation, looking for where are the markets or where are the sections that I want to update and to communicate. It’s much easier because if you can have all the things structured… and can go in the right direction.”  Watch the interview with Luis on YouTube

Lassi Lahti, Oras

“Plaza is a brilliant product. Oras now has a software tool which acts as a storage repository for all our competitive intelligence. In addition, all the information can be easily and quickly accessed whenever needed.”

Jorg Sunderman, Robeco Asset Management

“M-Brain’s Intelligence Plaza has helped Robeco to boost our market intelligence effect by more efficiently gathering and distributing market intelligence information throughout the company. The easy to use functionality helps my team and colleagues every day to find useful information for more effective decision making. Moreover, the expertise of the people that work at M-Brain or can bring together if needed is and has been very helpful in developing our market intelligence efforts further.”

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