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Our Competitive Intelligence solutions can help you identify and monitor market changes and spot potentially interesting industry advances that could critically influence your company’s competitive position.

Our solutions can also advance to help facilitate the sharing of internal knowledge about technical topics that are of competitive benefit to your organization.

competitive intelligence solutions

Competitive Foresight

Develop and maintain a close eye on competitors activities and strategies.

competitor analysis agency

Strategic Positioning

Increase awareness around your industry, affinity industries and related technologies.

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Informed Decision Making

Monitor macroeconomic trends and developing regulatory scenarios.

Competitive Analysis Services

Understanding customers and competitors to support Innovation and Product Lifecycle management

Just like any business process, R&D innovation and product life cycle planning need insightful and reliable information about the current and developing competitive landscape.

Turning ideas into business solutions involves multiple, consecutive decision stages, all of which need to be backed up by accurate and timely information.

The potential advantages and consequences of of getting things rights against getting things wrong makes the process of gathering and understanding competitive intelligence an essential one.

Competitor analysis to support sales & marketing

To add unique value to customers, an organization needs to understand fully the market forces and competitive influences it’s audience is being subject to.

Identifying relevant market segments and developing effective market strategies is a byproduct of understanding those segments of greatest reception to your organization and holding least appeal to your competitors.

Bespoke Intelligence Solutions

When it comes to understanding a competitive environment, no two situations are the same. Which is why our competitor analysis solutions are readily customizable to suit your organisations need.

To understand how M-Brain can support the competitive awareness needs of your organisation, please get in touch and we’ll be delighted to discuss how we can help.

Competitive Intelligence Suppliers

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