Know your competition! Whether you want to forge better products and services or see a potential partnership in other companies, competitive intelligence is needed to make it happen. Being aware of your organization’s operational environment and the actors performing in it is a prerequisite to successful competitiveness.

Competitor analysis helps you understand your key competitors, their strengths and their weak points. The more knowledge a company has about its competitors and the more systematically it collects information, the better it can create a competitive advantage that stands out above the rest.

Competitor analysis is the best way of getting to know your competition and leveraging this knowledge to support your own business. Do you want to do this together? We provide tailored analysis reports and consulting projects to assist you in the collection and analysis of targeted information as an input to informed decision-making.

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What is competitor analysis and how can it help me?

Competitor analysis means assessing the strengths and weaknesses of your organization’s competitors, potential and current ones, to identify the opportunities and threats they pose. The analysis helps you find out how your competitors react to the actions of other companies, as well as to changes in the industry and the operating environment.

When you know your competitors and you know how to anticipate their actions, this guides your company to succeed in your chosen market. Competitor analysis makes it easier to plan your business, products and marketing. The analysis also helps you identify the success factors and areas for development for your own business. It allows you to save costs and improve customer satisfaction, which also improves profitability.

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