GIA Conference New York 2010 was a Fantastic Success!

Theme:       Taking Strategic Market Intelligence to the Next Level

Dates:         November 8-10, 2010

Venue:        The Park Central Hotel, New York, USA

Program:    Download the Conference Brochure

The leading Strategic Market Intelligence event in North America was a fantastic success. Comprising mostly Vice Presidents, Director and Senior Managers from international companies, delegates gave the GIA Conference New York exceptional scores overall.

On a scale of 1 to 5, the general assessment for the New York event was:

  • Overall organization of the conference: 4.7
  • Relevance of content: 4.51
  • Value of content: 4.55
  • Networking opportunities: 4.7
  • Each session was rated at least a 4 on average

How they rated the GIA Conference

How they rated the program (1 to 5)

  • Pre-conference workshops   4.44
  • Presentations                        4.51
  • Panel discussion                   4.31
  • Roundtable sessions             4.10

Nat Brooks, Corporate Competitive intelligence Manager, The Procter & Gamble Company, said, “I’ve got a new 3 letter acronym, it’s called CIO. Cool Idea Overload. What’s amazing in this last couple of days is the amount of incredible stuff that is going on. I hope you are inspired as I am and I just want to recognize the stuff that we’ve heard… these are incredible ideas that are focused on making significant impact on  business results. At the end of the day, that’s what competitive intelligence is about.

And I want to thank our organizers, GIA, for bringing all this together because this has been an incredible learning experience. And I think everyone would agree with that. So thank you guys, it’s been tremendous!”

What else they liked about the event

“The tools and examples showed were right to the point. I got a great inside of what I can do in Market Intelligence for my company and how to add more value to our function.”

“Very worthwhile, excellent sessions by GIA. I haven’t learned much new lately at other seminars (outside of GIA), but I learned a lot at this one. Nice job!”

“The depth of content presented. Real experts of best practices, variety of large and small companies, and broad range of industries.”

“Well presented – group interaction helped bring out some more relevant issues. Great best practices information. Appreciated the “no sales pitch” approach. Great description of tools.”

“Great agenda, high quality of presenters, strong mix of topics. Impressed with quality of attendees.”

“Well done, highly differentiated from other CI conferences by quality of content and real added value.”

“Great way to learn and share best practices find new ideas. Well thought through agenda. Good topics.”

“It’s just awesome!”

Here’s what they learned

  • how leading companies apply the key success factors of World Class Market Intelligence to improve their competitive advantage.
  • how to integrate your Market Intelligence program with key decision making processes.
  • insights into Market Intelligence trends towards 2015, and what you need to know about Market Intelligence in emerging markets.

In addition to case presentations, the GIA Conference included interactive workshops and panel discussions on current hot topics in the area of Strategic Market Intelligence.

The conference focused strictly on delivering best-in-class educational program. There were no exhibition area or vendor/sponsor product presentations.

Best practices were shared by leading global companies, such as Best Buy, Cintas, Cisco Systems, Genesys, General Electric, IBM, Johnson Controls, Merck & Co., Monster Worldwide, Philips, The Procter & Gamble Company and more.

Conference photos