M-Brain Conference London, June 14-15, 2016


Theme:      Intelligence, the art of informed leadership

Dates:         June 14-15, 2016

Venue:       Grosvenor Marriott Hotel, London

Program:  Download the Conference Brochure

With the title “from Mozart to Picasso” M-Brain held the 13th intelligence and information conference in London.

Over 160 people attended a mixture of workshops, presentations, round table sessions about a wide variety of contemporary topics, like the Internet of Things, the Millennials, Big Data, Social media Intelligence, Detecting Deception, and more.

Presentations and workshops were facilitated by senior professionals from companies like, Clear Out Channel, LinkedIn, Tata Steel, Air Mauritius, IBM, EE, Just Eat and many, many more.

The conference key note speech was given by Baroness Manningham-Buller of Northampton, being the former general director of MI5.

The networking dinner was turned into a high level entertainment dinner with artists, performers and life music.

Overall conference satisfaction 4.2 (on a scale to 5).

Participants feedback

Excellent mix of theory and practice. Good networking.

The fact that you step out of the business and take time to think about the process, rather than the content. I have been to many industry specific conferences, all interesting. But this type of conference let’s you think about HOW you do your work.

I think the lineup of speakers was really good at this conference.

Good balance between presentations and workshops. Having a different type presentations was very good (not only ‘lectures’).