M-Brain Benchmarking Circles

Strategy and Intelligence professionals are facing new issues, challenges and opportunities. Discussing these topics among peers has proven to be a better way than going it alone. It is all about our collective intelligence!

The Benchmarking Circle is a virtual event in which M-Brain brings senior strategy and intelligence professionals of non-competing companies together. It is a mutual best practice exchange of knowledge, opinions and ideas.

Examples of Benchmarking Circles meeting topics

  • establishing early warning & opportunity systems
  • finding growth in challenging times
  • connecting intelligence & strategy
  • co-creation of intelligence
  • using social media for strategy & intelligence
  • providing sales enablement
  • creating the intelligent company
  • internal marketing for strategy & intelligence
  • intelligence deliverables & field intel
  • future oriented analytical methodologies

Benefits for You

You will get to network and exchange thoughts with other experienced strategy and intelligence professionals from various industries. Concrete best practices will help you repeat success stories and avoid mistakes that others have made.

Benchmarking your market intelligence functions, based on standardized criteria of key indicators, provides you with insights regarding the positioning of your company versus other companies. Benchmarking Circles will add to the competence development of your strategy and intelligence team.

These network events will also increase awareness of intelligence in your company – you will gain buy-in from your management! We will focus on both individual practitioner’s development needs and the organizational capability. In addition, our virtual network sessions can be organized flexibly and at a low cost.

What Makes M-Brain Benchmarking Circles Different?

  • the circles provide you with fresh avenues for strategy and intelligence innovation across industries, cultures and geographies
  • facilitator is a certified (MSc.) career and executive coach who has over 30 years of experience leading international intelligence functions for global Fortune 500 corporations and is former head of market intelligence for Cisco Systems
  • sessions are supplemented with key learnings from the industry’s largest repository of best practice, gathered over 15 years in M-Brain’s global intelligence surveys
  • sessions are designed with innovative, yet well-established formats developed during more than 10 years of conducting benchmarking circles in North America and Europe
  • integration of M-Brain’s World-Class Intelligence Development Model – the industry-leading conceptual framework that has been used successfully in more than 5,000 companies over the last two decades


M-Brain has been conducting Benchmarking Circles for more than 10 years in a number of countries. In today’s digital era and with current social distancing challenges in place, all this intelligence exchange can be done virtually. We welcome you to join us in this innovative and global approach, no travel required!

For more information about the Benchmarking Circles, contact joost.drieman@m-brain.com or your local M-Brain office

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Meeting Principles
M-Brain serves as the project manager and facilitator of the meetings. All circle participants commit fully to the successful completion of meetings by sharing best practices, ideas, opinions and honest advice. Companies are selected to the Benchmarking Circles with a view to avoiding any conflict of interest between the participants. All company-specific information is confidential and considered property of the participating company. Companies participating in the Benchmarking Circles will adhere to a multi-lateral non-disclosure agreement. M-Brain and other participants should always seek specific approval from the company in question, before utilizing or publishing any company-specific information.