M-Brain's Global Intelligence Survey is the most well established study on Competitive and Market Intelligence. It is designed to support informed decision making and intelligence-based teams and practitioners to back up their planning with accurate facts and statistics on emerging industry trends.

Whether you are an intelligence professional or utilizing external market information in decision making, your opinion matters!  

The results of the survey will be published in the M-Brain Global Intelligence
Survey 2019 White Paper in October.

Share your insights today. You will receive a complimentary copy of the white paper introducing the survey results plus have a chance to win a free benchmarking survey project for your company!

What type of impact does Competitive & Market Intelligence have on business decision making?

Decision making

How are investments in Competitive & Market Intelligence developing? 


How is digitalization affecting
Competitive & Market Intelligence?


What are the budgets and typical team sizes and structures of Competitive & Market Intelligence operations in organizations?

Team structures

Let us lead the way

The purpose of the survey is to provide an opportunity for intelligence professionals and decision makers to voice their experiences and opinions about the state of market intelligence and utilizing external market information in decision making.

The Global Intelligence Survey is conducted by M-Brain and  responses to the survey are confidential.

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The Global Intelligence Survey has been carried out biennially since 2005 and the results of the survey have shed light on Competitive & Market Intelligence organizations, budgets and trends throughout the world in different industries.

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One respondent will win an Intelligence Development Benchmarking survey project for their organization free of charge in which M-Brain will assess your organizations intelligence capabilities and benchmark them against the most developed companies across the globe as well as your industry peers!

Learn more about M-Brain’s Market Intelligence Framework

The results from the survey will help you understand how intelligence operations are developing in different industries and geographies. In addition, you will learn about the latest trends in intelligence. I want to thank you in advance for completing the survey."

Christian Cedercreutz, M-Brain CEO

The Global Intelligence Survey is closed. All responses will be analysed and the results of the survey will be published in the M-Brain Global Intelligence Survey 2019 White Paper which will be out in October.

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