G R O W T H  P A T H


  • Are you looking to grow your revenue?
  • Do you need new ideas for business growth?
  • Do you have too many ideas and need help in identifying the most viable ones?

F I N D  ( U N ) D I S C O V E R E D  G R O W T H  P A T H S

If your task is to find or identify the most viable growth opportunities, Growth Path Finder is the solution for you. We at M-Brain put together world-class market data and customer intelligence, and guarantee you an actionable outcome.

Growth Path Finder is a six week project, which is run in close collaboration with your organization. It is based on human + technology hybrid: heavy data crunching combined with a mix of future-oriented methodologies.

With Growth Path Finder you will:

Find new growth paths by exploring the less traveled roads paved by market data.

Build your organizational capabilities for data-driven transformation.

Disrupt your thinking to identify unconventional strategies and new opportunities for growth.

360° Market Data

Collecting and analyzing market data

M-Brain's industry monitoring service, in which 150 academically trained market analysts are tracking more than three million sources from 140 countries, in 30 different languages. From this material our analysts pick up the most essential events to provide a comprehensive outlook of the industry developments related to growth themes. Data from past three years is included.

M-Brain’s media listening tool is used to track the social media voices (e.g. companies, brands, competitors, customers, stakeholders, campaigns, events) related to growth themes. Content from most common social media channels from last 6 months is included.

Data is enriched with three semi-structured qualitative expert interviews. Interviewees are selected based on growth themes.




M-Brain uses big data research tools and deep insight-generating qualitative and quantitative research methods.

Market data is collected using a hybrid methodology based on artificial intelligence (AI) and human analysis via:

Customer Intelligence

Collecting customer data via survey

The survey is conducted online. The length of the survey is carefully adjusted to make it as comprehensive as possible without being too time consuming for the respondent.

Survey questions are reviewed together with you at the kick-off. You will also have the opportunity to comment on the target group of the survey. Relevant customer contact information is provided by you.

To ensure the implementation of data protection, consistency and a sufficient data sample, M-Brain uses the highly-scalable QuestBack platform for the online based survey.

 Ensuring the quality of data

Quantitative data is used to provide comprehensive interpretations and conclusions to understand the customers’ digital environment.

M-Brain sends the online survey to as wide a range of respondents as possible, depending on the availability of relevant customer contacts.

Actionable growth paths

Analyzing via synthesis of data sources and methods

To ensure 360° market sensing and awareness, M-Brain does the preliminary, comprehensive analysis based on market data (qualitative, descriptive/quantitative, big data) and customer intelligence (qualitative/quantitative, survey).

In dialogue with you, we utilize the following future-oriented methodologies:

Scenario Thinking

Lean experimentation and collaborative validation with your organization in three (3) full-day workshop sessions.

M-Brain interviews select customers for customer insights on prioritized growth path concepts.

Market Creation Analysis

Lean Service Design

Create actionable future hypotheses, expose blind spots, find wild cards, seek optionality

Find new/emerging markets, disruptive/non-disruptive growth opportunities, redefine industry boundaries (asymmetric competition and ecosystems)

Formulate high-level concepts for select business opportunity

Testing and validating via workshops and interviews

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