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M-Brain’s success is a result of our skilled people. Our unique services are based on our own big data technology and intelligent human analysis. Both of these two assets require expertise.

M-Brain employs a versatile group of around 450 professionals worldwide in the fields of sales, media analysis, linguistics and industry expertise. We also employ a highly experienced R&D team which is constantly developing our technology.

Meet some of our colleagues

Antti Tuominen, Senior R&D Engineer:

"I'm currently working on the development of a data analysis platform used by our media monitoring tool M-Adaptive. I've been at the company for eight years. What I really like about my work at M-Brain is the great flexibility it allows me in organizing my everyday work, leveraging the fact that most of my tasks are not bound to a particular time or location. I also appreciate the high amount of talent in our R&D team as well as the fact that we often have the liberty to go for some pretty radical thinking-outside-the-box ideas when developing new solutions. It's a high risk - high reward scenario, which makes work interesting and exciting. Another plus is that our organization allows me to really focus on my work and doesn't burden me with much administrative tasks."

Mika Ahosilta, Senior Developer:

"I’m working as the main developer of our Intelligence Plaza system. I've been at M-Brain - and its predecessors Novintel and GIA - since 2005. What's great about my job is the fact that I can manage the work quite freely. Working hours are flexible, which in most cases allows me to decide myself in which order to work through tasks. Moreover, the work itself is very gratifying for a developer who enjoys problem solving. The multitude of OS' and browser versions used by our customers means that we often face difficult problems requiring innovative solutions to get them working properly with all configurations. Another great aspect of my job are the nice colleagues. We often go out together on Fridays after work and had some fun times."

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